Sneak Peek – Renault Scenic. The French Renaulution continues!

From AutoEV.

Renault have an illustrious history of designing and building great cars. Unfortunately, they have also given us some quite dreary ones too. But when it comes to their EVs, they always seem to deliver the goods. And now, as we move towards the "Renaulution" (their words, not ours!) of full electrification, they have entered the fiercely competitive market of the family crossover with a name tag from their past – Scenic. But how does it fair on first acquaintance? Bryan gets early access in the UK to find out.

AutoEV – all electric, all independent

0:00 – Introduction
01:47 – Titles
01:55 – Meet the car
03:47 – Styling
08:59 – Practicality
13:14 – Interior
21:52 – Usability
23:11 – Performance & Handling
24:06 – Pricing
24:31 – Competition
26:15 – Summary