Staff Car Update – The Soul EV Gets Recalled (again)

From Transport Evolved.

Kate’s Soul EV has been waiting for the results of the Kia battery recall, and this past week it went to the dealership for the fix. What happened, and why is Kate now facing yet another recall?

Note: There is some rustling on the mic due to a positioning issue. Kate apologises for this error.


00:00 – Introduction
00:23 – A Quick Recap
02:47 – Detective work
04:40 – Recalls in general
06:25 – The battery recall
11:47 – Battery recalls in the EV industry
16:03 – GPS issues
17:30 – The next recall
21:41 – Thanks and credits


Script: Kate Walton-Elliott, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Presenter: Kate Walton-Elliott
Editor, Sound: Kate Walton-Elliott
Art and Animation: Erin Carlie
Producer: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
© Transport Evolved LLC, 2023


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