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From Everything Electric Show.

In this week’s episode our Home Energy presenter Emilie speaks to three independent experts at the Fully Charged LIVE Show in Farnborough about the advice they would give to someone starting out on their clean tech journey.

From low cost solutions to renewable energy technologies, there’s something for all types of homes.

Jo Alsop – The Heating Hub – https://www.theheatinghub.co.uk
Adam Chapman – Heat Geek – https://www.heatgeek.com

0:00 Intro
00:19 Let’s talk options
00:32 Where do people start?
01:38 Options for different sized homes
02:43 Renewable energy options
03:02 Making the move into clean tech
03:34 What help is available?
04:08 Financial subsidies
05:53 Choosing the right installer
07:55 Installer accreditation
08:51 Is there enough installers?

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