TEN 427: Ford’s New Electric SUV, Elon Musk Ignores Advice, Insurance Write-Offs

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This week, Ford unveils a new electric SUV for Europe, Elon Musk ignores Tesla’s engineering team, Insurance companies write off more EVs than they should, and much more!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:37 – Welcome!
00:43 Ford unveils All-Electric Explorer for 2024 model year
01:34 – Raw materials for lithium-ion battery packs finally fall in price after several years of increasing
02:24 – While 30% of Americans now say they’d consider an EV, 30% say no to the same
03:15 – Insurance companies are writing off more electric cars than gas cars – due to fears over battery packs
04:08 – Elon Musk was warned not to drop Radar in Tesla Autopilot hardware, did it anyway
04:58 – Ford confirms its second-generation “T3” Electric pickups will be built at its Blue Oval City in Tennessee
05:53 – GMC says 70% of its new Hummer customers are first-time EV owners, and has production spoken for thru 2024
06:39 – Tesla tells Mexican politician it will plant twice the number of trees that are legally required following deforestation for Tesla’s latest Gigafactory
07:28 – EU considering new proposal loophole for its 2035 ICE car ban
08:20 – The IPCC tries one last time to warn the world we’re out of time…
10:48 – 7/11 building its own EV charging network
11:06 – Tesla begins to roll out FSD Beta V11
11:23 – U.S. Lawmakers reintroduce e-bike Act
11:39 – Polestar 3 officially makes its Chinese-market debut
11:54 – Kia debuts the EV5 as a concept car
12:11 – Tesla’s Supercharger Magic Dock roll out has some compatibility hiccups with
12:28 – A smarter deployment of EV charging infrastructure combined with smart grid tech could support EVs without a major grid upgrade
12:44 – Birmingham multi-storey carpark to become rooftop city urban farm
13:00 – NHTSA recall notice shows what was the root cause of Ford’s F150 Lightning battery fire
13:16 – Rivian pushes an OTA update designed to fix phantom battery drain
13:33 – Tesla predicts its entry-level MOdel 3 will soon no-longer be tax-credit eligible in the U.S.
13:48 – Volkswagen confirms that four new EVs – including the Volkswagen ID.2 All – will be made in Spain
14:02 – Aptera secures its first (non-binding) fleet order
14:18 – Rivian’s latest OTA update adds Tesla Magic Dock availability
14:32 – VinFast says three executives have left the company
14:48 – CATL’s Qilin battery enters into production
15:05 – Order Books open in Germany for the refreshed Volkswagen ID.3
15:20 – ABT, WiTricity prepare to offer inductive charging solutions to ID.4 owners in Europe from next year
15:37 – Purchase incentives for Irish EV purchases change on July 1
15:52 – Harley Davidson LIve Wire One goes on pre-sale in Europe
16:07 – CAKE announces new electric motorcycle production and distribution partnerships for China, Mexico and Greece
16:23 – Lucid pushes wireless update to enable wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPLay
16:39 – JD. Power Survey says more EV owners are becoming frustrated with home charging
16:56 – Archer Aviation, United Airlines, partner for new eVTOL air-taxi shuttle to down-town Chicago
17:12 – Tesla makes it easier than ever to extend warranty on its cars
17:26 – Amprius has its high-power, high-energy battery independently verified
17:43 – Lockheed Martin invests in an all-electric SeaGlider company
17:58 – Bowlus goes all-electric as an RV company
18:14 – Grounded EV launches its own all-electric camper based on the e-Transit
18:30 – Tesla sells out of its Model S, Model X steering wheel retrofit kits
20:22 – Cruise Automotive gets stuck in San Francisco in yellow Tape
21:17 – Hyundai showcases its new robot-charger with the Ioniq 6
22:12 – Thanks, and Goodbye!