TEN 430 – Transport Evolved News – New EPA rules, big investments from Ford and VW, plus much more!

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Nikki normally produces TEN in its entirety. Because she’s away, this week Kate recorded and produced it – there are unfortunately two brief video glitches, but because of her other work schedule she’s unable to re-render it.

This week, we’ve seen some pretty big news from both the EPA and the DoE that might help curb emissions and encourage EV adoption, and heard some pretty big words from Ford and both the Hyundai and Volkswagen groups, all of which have shared some big news about future plans. Plus much more, of course (as listed below!) 


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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start

00:31 – Welcome!

00:34 – Editorial

00:54 – Editorial II

01:13 – Youth climate lawsuit ruling

02:00 – Polling suggests EVs continue to grow in popularity

02:53 – Big Plans from Hyundai Motor Group

03:46 – Ford’s Oakville Plant getting retooled for EVs

04:37 – Volkswagen unveils updated powertrain for rearwheel drive MEB vehicles

05:24 – Volkswagen’s US CEO promises 25 new EVs by 2030

06:16 – EPA unveils new rules for vehicle emissions

07:14 – DoE proposes new rules to calculate EV efficiency

08:10 – ABT shows of its solar roof for the ID Buzz

09:01 – Hyundai Kona Electric refresh brings battery options

10:01 – Sponsor segment – Energysage

11:02 – Class action lawsuit against Tesla for shared camera footage

11:22 – Improving public transit through traffic modification

11:40 – Used EV sales are up

11:57 – Texas proposes EV registration tax

12:13 – Volkswagen gives an hour for Earth day

12:31 – BYD shows off it’s intelligent DiSus suspension system

12:51 – Toyota announces changes following leadership change

13:08 – Torrens island gets more battery storage

13:28 – Peugeot says cars will get smaller

13:45 – Quebec, Canada funding training EV mechanics

14:05 – Mitsubishi mulls bringing Kei class EV to Australia

14:23 – Polestar teases new SUV coupe

14:43 – Lancia unveiling concept this weekend

15:00 – Indonesian mining company accused of displacing native people

15:18 – Chipotle pilots greener restaurants 

15:38 – Blazer SS goes to Daytona International Speedway

15:55 – Denso prepares for electrification

16:11 – Tesla Semi fleet arrives with PepsiCo

16:31 – Green energy continues to increase worldwide

16:46 – BMW sales drop, but EV sales are up

17:07 – Mazda sales are up, but MX-30 still not performing well

17:25 – Kymco brings the S7 to Europe

17:42 – Nissan unveils it’s Skyline for a retro conversion

17:57 – Lamborghini Revuleto spotted, (video courtesy Varryx https://youtu.be/TiR3n9HUnsQ )

18:17 – Fisker Ocean tested and rated

18:34 – Audi opens third European urban charging hub

18:49 – China leaks MG cyberster details

19:07 – Rivian expects to hit profitability next year

19:32 – Sponsor segment – Atmos Financial

21:21 – Tesla Supercharger network hits another milestone

22:11 – Storm in a rural teacup

23:15 – Thanks, and Goodbye