TEN Episode 438 – GM Goes NACS Too, Ford Expands F150 Lightning Production, Volvo EX30 Unveiled

From Transport Evolved.

This week, GM joins Ford in joining Tesla’s charge standard, Ford expands F150 Lightning Production (with emphasis on the XLT variant) and Volvo unveils the EX30

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:33 – Welcome!
00:43 – GM announces it’s following Ford and will adopt Tesla’s NACS charger plug in North America
01:37 – Volvo EX30 Revealed, blows everyone away
02:26 – SEIA predicts the US solar market will triple by 2028
03:21 – Ford says its ramped-up F150 Lightning production will make the XLT easier to buy.
04:17 – ALA exemplifies why we should go electric.
05:10 – Tesla suppliers suggest Tesla is very close to beginning series production of the Cybertruck
05:59 – GM CEO Mary Barra says for now, there’s no profits to be made on sub $40,000 EVs
06:48 – Stellantis appoints new FIAT boss for North America, charges him with bringing the 500e back to market.
07:44 – New study shows that going electric for ride sharing may not save as much emissions as hoped
08:38 – North American National Auto Dealers Association discloses the costs associated with its dealerships getting ready to go electric
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10:40 – South Caroline to become home to a new battery facility from AESC that will supply battery cells to BMW
10:54 – GM, POSCO Future M announce expansion of their materials processing partnership
11:09 – Nikola Motors Adjourns its Annual General Meeting until July to enable it to secure votes for future capital raise
11:22 – GM China unveils a new concept in the form of the Proxima EV
11:37 – Silence S04 begins deliveries in Spain
11:55 – Mercedes-Benz signs an MOU to source green steel for US production
12:12 – Volvo stops sales of some of its plug-in hybrid models in the UK
12:34 – The U.S. Department of Energy opens up a new funding pot for lithium-ion battery recycling programs
12:49 – German Government appears to be changing its targets for EV charging
13:03 – Hurtigruten promises new electric cruise ship from 2030
13:19 – Toyota promises a new battery lab in the US with dated renderings
13:33 – Tesla Model S, X Confirmed as no-longer available in New Zealand or Australia
13:50 – Mercedes-Benz gets approval from California to activate Drive Pilot in the state
14:05 – Rumors fly about a new massive Gigafactory in Valencia, Spain for Tesla
14:20 – Refreshed ES6 drives record hand-raisers for NIo
14:38 – GM anticipates it will not need to close factories or open new ones as it transitions to EVs
14:54 – Porsche unveils Mission X concept, teases high performance
15:11 – Some Ultium-based EVs are recalled due to a battery pack construction fault
15:25 – Tesla Model Y recalled for potential loose steering wheel
15:42 – Rivian Fire at an Electrify America charging station under investigation
15:58 – Zeekr X now in production
16:15 – Tesla Service Centers disconnecting radar in customers’ cars, but there’s a good reason
16:32 – CharIN upset by GM, Ford’s decision to ditch CCS
16:49 – Tesla’s battery partner Panasonic to increase 2170 form factor cell production by 10%
17:05 – Lucid heading to China, considering local production facilities there
17:23 – EVs in Norway accounted for 80% of all new cars sold in May
17:37 – Tesla issues a new service bulletin to address water ingress on some Model Ys
17:51 – Volvo PHEV sales in North America precipitously fall as EV sales rise
18:06 – Lightship L1 Electric RV coming to market late next year
19:41 – Ford patents a roof-mounted range-extending battery for EVs
20:32 – Citroen unveils a new prototype Ami designed for maximum accessibility
21:22 – Thanks, and Goodbye!