TEN (Transport Evolved News) Ep. 425 – F150 Lightnings Put To Work + Who Likes The Cybertruck?

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This week, we’ve got a fair bit of Truck news – including how F150 Lightning owners use their vehicles for more truck-like activities than ICE F150 owners, and why hardened truck fans aren’t all fans of the Tesla Cybertruck. Plus much more, of course (as listed below!)

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:39 – Welcome!
00:45 – Editorial
01:09 – Data from Ford shows more F150 Lightning owners are using their trucks as trucks than F150 ICE owners
02:10 – 2024 Mercedes-benz EQE SUV priced for the U.S., sneaks in to incentive eligibility
03:10 – Nissan recalls Ariya in the U.S. for steering wheels that might fall off
04:09 – NHTSA investigates Tesla Model Y for steering wheel issues
05:07 – Kia EV6 Lineup tweaked slightly for 2023
06:00 – Germany withdraws its support for ICE car ban in Europe, wants exceptions for e-fuels
07:00 – Hyundai Kona Electric specs for 2024 better than we thought
07:57 – SUVs emitted more CO² last year than most countries
08:58 – Next-Generation MINI will improve range and performance dramatically
09:51 – New York City mandates all new e-Bicycles sold there must have UL-listed battery packs
12:20 – Ford demonstrates e-Transit fitted with Type A School Bus body
12:34 – BYD rumored to be building a G-Wagon electric competitor
12:49 – Sondors sells 1,000 metacycles in a week after announcing a massive incentive deal
13:07 – Lordstown publishes its quarterlies and year end financials, discloses sales of just 6 units
13:28 – ROAM moves to a larger facility to help it make more electric motorcycles for Africans
13:45 – Tesla announces new paint for Model S, X, plaid, and new Model S glass roof
14:00 – Lion Electric sues Nikola Motors
14:16 – Rivian stock falls as company announces a $1.3 billion green convertible notes sale
14:31 – NIO opens its first battery swap station in Denmark
14:47 – Tesla begins roll out of FSD Beta V11
15:06 – Airstream works with F.A. Porsche to come up with airstream concept for the EV world
15:23 – Lamborghini Urus to become an EV by the end of the century.
15:40 – Tesla cuts the price of its cars
15:52 – Nissan announces X-in-1 powertrains to save money on EVs, Hybrids
16:10 – Mack Trucks unveils MD Electric Medium-Duty truck
16:28 – General Motors rumored to be preparing a new battery partnership with Samsung SDI for cylindrical cells
16:44 – U.S. debut of LWB Volkswagen ID. Buzz confirmed for this summer.
16:58 – Lightship says its L1 trailer won’t impact EV range when being towed
17:12 – BMW rumored to be preparing big investment for Oxford MINI plant for electric MINIs
17:26 – Mercedes-Benz’s new charging network won’t just be for Mercedes-Benz Cars
17:45 – Ford says e-Transit has helped save hundreds of thousands of gallons of gasoline in just one year
18:02 – More London Black Cabs are plug-ins than Diesel now.
18:19 – Ultraviolette F77 begins deliveries
18:36 – Gm to build electric military vehicles for UAE
18:54 – Electra meccanica Solo recalled
19:08 – Some Tesla Model Y recalled to address loose rear seat frames
19:24 – BMW rumored to be working on new engine, despite EV promises
19:41 – Energica says it is expanding its HQ in Italy
19:57 – Scania delivers its first 66-tonne electric mining truck
21:57 – Minnesota considers its own EV rapid charging network
22:58 – Truck owners give their opinions on upcoming (and existing electric trucks
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