TEN Transport Evolved News Ep. 426. VW ID2.all, Kia EV9, Tesla Owner Takes The WRONG Car!

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This week, Volkswagen debuts the ID.2all, we get more electric plans from BMW and Porsche, and the curious case of the Tesla owner who drove the wrong car away.

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00:00 – Start
00:39 – Welcome!
00:45 – Editorial
01:07 – VW reveals the ID.2 all Concept Car – Promises even more affordable ID.1 will follow in 2026
02:03 – Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach E, score well in IIHS’ new rear-seat crash tests
03:08 – BMW Promises new electric cars are coming – including iX2, i5, i5 Wagon, and more!
04:06 – Aptera awarded $21 million grant from the California Energy COmission (but there’s a catch)
04:57 – Porsche confirms that every model of its (except the 911) will be electric by 2030, including a new large SUV
05:51 – Lexus officially launches the RZ450e in the U.S. – the up-market version of the Toyota BZ4X
06:49 – Rivian wants permission from Amazon to sell its RDV to other companies
07:41 – BMW launches its iX5 Hydrogen test fleet
08:38 – Design of the Kia EV9 is finally revealed
09:38 – Tesla’s new V4 Superchargers are very powerful
11:52 – U.S. Transportation Secretary Budigiegg weighs in on Tesla Autopilot, FSD naming
12:11 – Posrche acknowledges long wait times for Taycan EVs, says it is working on solving the problem
12:27 – Volkswagen makes a further commitment worth $193 billion to accelerate EV programs
12:41 – Oregon temporarily halts its EV incentive program from April 30 as funds run dry
12:57 – U.S. DoT opens up applications for the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Program
13:12 – Rivian opens up a way to try and match pre-built vehicles with reservation holders to cut wait times
13:29 – VinFast delays its planned U.S. plant weeks after announcing it
13:45 – Porsche confirms its prices will go up, with EVs on average 10-15% more than ICE models
14:01 – Tesla sued by owner from california who says its service and parts policies are restrictive
14:18 – GM said to be working on AI assistant for its cars based on ChatGPT
14:35 – Tesla says non-functional Model S door handles does not make a car “unmerchantable”
14:52 – GM said to be working on AI assistant for its cars based on ChatGPT
15:11 – Volta Trucks approved to build, sell electric trucks in Europe
15:24 – Tesla says no to California funding for Supercharger network due to payment processing stipulation
15:42 – VW commits to battery production facility in Canada
15:57 – Lorstdown Motors recalls 5 of the 31 Lordstown Endurances ever made
16:13 – GMC confirms that all 2024 model year Hummer variants will get 2-way power transfer
16:29 – Nissan Ariya Production woes means Nissan is missing production targets
16:47 – Tesla looking to China, Korea to help find raw materials for its 4680 battery cells
17:03 – Arrival raises $300 in equity deal, warns it needs more money to build commercial vehicles in the USA
17:19 – Mississippi governor signs bill into law banning direct-to-customer EV sales
17:35 – 29 Ford Dealerships drop out of Ford’s electric vehicle program
17:53 – Autoflight signs a deal for 205 eVTOL craft with middle-eastern operator
18:08 – Honda begins retooling two of its production lines in Ohio for EV component production
18:26 – Ford resumes production on F150 LIghtning, recalls a few trucks for potential battery fire issues
18:42 – Facelifted Volkswagen ID3 cheaper than the outgoing model
18:59 – UBCO announces special edition 2×2
19:17 – Tesla faces criminal investigation for allegedly polluting waterways near Tesla Giga berlin
19:33 – Ford Pro brings in professional services firm EY to explain EV incentives, benefits to fleet operators
19:49 – Mitsubishi lays out its mid-term product plan, including new EV models
21:41 – A new study finds a potential risk with self-driving cars: failure to detect dark-skinned pedestrians
22:41 – Tesla owner accidentally unlocks and drives identical Tesla with their smartphone app
23:40 – Thanks, and Goodbye!