TEN Transport Evolved News Ep. 429 – Tesla’s Master Plan Pt 3, EV Sales Rise, RAM 1500 REV

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This week, quarterly sales figures are released showing growth in the EV marketplace, Tesla employees allege disturbing behavior from staff with customer-captured videos, and the RAM 1500 REV gets specs released.

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

Editorial note: this show was recorded a full day earlier than normal, and may not include breaking news stories from Thursday or Friday.

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:38 – Welcome!
00:43 Congratulations, Fully Charged!

00:54 – Q1 Production and Delivery figures are in!
02:40 – Stellantis finally reveals specs for 2025 RAM 1500 REV
03:36 – Tesla puts its Master Plan: Part 3 on paper – but omits mention of public transport
04:32 – After settling with the SEC over its reverse merger, Canoo establishes a new production micro factory
05:24 – Volocopter finishes its first production facility in Germany
06:25 – Kia EV9 Specs Released at last
07:26 – Ford unveils e-Transit Connect
08:21 – Allegations made by former Tesla employees that in-car footage was shared among staff
09:23 – Heat pumps overtake gas furnaces in some parts of the world
11:43 – GM confirms it will be ditching Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in Future EVs
12:01 – Spiro gives away free electric motorcycles in Uganda (because it will make money on battery swaps)
12:18 – Walmart commits to its own EV charging network
12:36 – The U.S. IRS publishes new eligibility rules for EV Tax Credits
12:54 – Tesla plans a fourth shift at Giga Berlin
13:11 – Kia accelerates its EV production goals
13:32 – Togg delivers its first electric cars to two questionable presidents
13:50 – Indonesia lowers taxes on electric vehicles
14:06 – Great Wall MOtor parts with WEG to expand Brazilian EV charging infrastructure
14:24 – Several Oxfordshire councils team up with car share companies on new trial scheme
14:43 – Tesla makes a surprise drop in prices for its vehicles
15:01 – Most consumer worries about EVs evaporate when people buy them, says CAA
15:18 – Aston Barclay begins new used EV auction
15:36 – EV sales in India soared in recent months
15:52 – Australia urged by EV groups to establish fuel economy standards
16:09 – Stellantis, BMW said to be in talks with Panasonic over cylindrical cells
16:26 – Parisians vote (sort of) to ban shared e-scooters
16:47 – Amazon now has three times the number of Rivian-built EDVs it had in November
17:04 – Shimano warns e-bike customers not to tamper with their bikes
17:22 – Rivian removes Camp Kitchen and Tunnel Shuttle from its online store
17:38 – LG Innotek unveils wireless battery management system that could increase EV range
17:58 – Hyundai IONIQ 6 wins plenty of awards at New York Auto Show
18:17 – Uber, BP Pulse team up to incentivize Uber drivers using BP Pulse charging stations
18:32 – BYD totals more plug-in sales in 2022 than Tesla (but its figures include plug-in hybrids, too)
18:52 – Australian battery manufacturer pushes for national battery strategy and lithium-sulfur batteries (which it also makes)
19:08 – Candela launches Centre-Console version of its C-8 for the North American market
19:25 – Switzerland considers ending its tax breaks for EVs
19:42 – GM’s BrightDrop gets massive order from Ryder
19:58 – Lightyear is back from the grave with a new plan to bring LIghtyear 2 to market
20:18 – J.B. Straubel may rejoin Tesla as a member of the board.
20:38 – Freewire to establish European headquarters, Eu sales
22:32 – Hyundai teases the IONIQ 5 N ahead of summer debut
23:33 – Ford lays out its progress on a road to become better
24:30 – Thanks, and Goodbye!