TEN Transport Evolved News Ep, 436: Ford & Tesla Partner Up, RIDE Reverse Split, Shell’s Priorities

From Transport Evolved.

This week, Ford and Tesla announce an unexpected partnership on charging, Lordstown Motors tries to save itself with a reverse stock split, and how Shell’s shareholders care about one thing (and it isn’t the planet) 

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:29 – Welcome!
00:36 Editorial Note
01:28 – Tesla and Ford make a surprise announcement.
02:33 – BMW reveals the all-new 2024 i5.
03:32 – The Chevrolet Silverado EV WT will have a far larger range than originally promised
04:33 – Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car around the world in Q1, new data shows
05:28 – Ford teases new electric pickup truck, three-row electric SUV, during Capital Markets Day
06:34 – KPMG’s latest survey into EV attitudes shows many have concerns about affordability
07:35 – Nio refreshes the ES6 electric SUV.
08:30 – Lordstown Motors executes a reverse stock split
09:29 – Volkswagen lifts its temporary ban on ID EVs being company cars at VW
10:24 – Shell shareholders vote against aligning with Paris emissions reduction goals
12:23 – 8 EU member states try to have Euro7 standards rolled back
12:43 – CO. starts a new $7 million grant program to help fleets electrify
12:58 – BMW, PG&E Officially start V2X pilot program
13:14 – Mercedes-Benz e-Citaro H2 range-extended bus unveiled
13:32 – Easee charging stations on temporary sales restriction in some European countries because of its software-based RCD
13:50 – $187 million from the U.S. DoE has been released.
14:04 – Stellantis invests in Sodium-Sulfur Battery company Lyten
14:20 – Minnesota’s EV incentive bill passed
14:35 – Nautilius, ZeroAvia team up for autonomous hydrogen fuel cell cargo plane
14:53 – Bridgestone debuts a new EV-specific tire called “Turanza”
15:08 – SK On secures its latest funding worth more than one trillion Won
15:24 – Porsche Taycan recalled for break pad wear indicators that may be faulty
15:39 – Mitsubishi i outlander (including PHEV) recalled for faulty rear view camera image
15:56 – Every VinFast VF8 in the U.S. is recalled for a faulty dashboard
16:13 – Chinese lithium specialists Ganfeng Battery starts producing a solid state battery.
16:28 – EU looks to start bringing new tough regulations into effect over company greenwashing
16:44 – Teslas build with BYD LFP cells are apparently quicker to charge than those made with CATL LFP cells
16:59 – Cadillac confirms that its first all-electric Escalade will be called the “Escalade IQ”
17:14 – EU, USA struggle to agree on EV incentive deal.
17:31 – Uber and Waymo pen deal to work together on driverless taxis, food delivery
17:47 – All domestic flights in France to destinations less than 2.5 hours away by train are now banned
18:04 – Tesla drops below other major automakers in latest Axios brand trust/reputability survey
18:21 – US considering some ways to let US-made EVs get approved for sale in Cuba
18:36 – Caterham previews all-new Caterham EV Seven – says it’s ready for the track
18:51 – A class action lawsuit brought against Elon Musk, Tesla is thrown out
19:08 – Volvo says its EX30 will be the greenest Volvo yet
19:23 – Ukraine wind farm goes live, despite illegal Russian invasion
19:42 – Tata rumored to be picking Somerset site for new production facility for Jaguar Land Rover
19:58 – Tesla appears to be slowly rolling out FSD Beta testing outside of North America
20:16 – Audi unveils concept RS e-tron GT ice-race concept – and pays tribute to a legend.
20:36 – Factorial energy gets official UN certification to have its 100 amp-hour cells shipped around the world
20:51 – Volkswagen’s autonomous arm starts work with Apex AI to make ID Buzz microbuses self-driving
21:07 – BMW announces all-wheel drive i4, rear-wheel drive i7 for US launch this fall
22:55 – Elon Musk has chosen his successors at Tesla.
23:43 – Aspark Owl sets new 1/8 and 1/4 mile times
24:39 – Thanks, and Goodbye!