TEN Transport Evolved News EP 440: Rivian and Others Go NACS, 1 Million MEB EVs, Farley Trash Talks

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This week, an update on the transition to NACS as more companies commit, 1 Millionth MEB-Based EV made, and Jim Farley Trash Talks the Cybertruck

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:38 – Welcome!
00:49 – An update on the companies switching to NACS
01:48 – Kia EV9 Begins Deliveries in Korea
02:49 – Tesla Model Y now the second-best selling vehicle of any type in the U.S.
03:47 – Hyundai lays out its future plans for EVs during its CEO Investor day
04:47 – Ford secures the largest loan yet in the Federal Government’s ATVM Loan Program
05:47 – Volkswagen builds the 1 millionth MEB-based electric vehicle
06:45 – Tesla offers massive discounts toward quarter end, dramatically reduces inventory
07:44 – Rivian R2 expected to launch by late 2024
08:45 – Jim Farley sends friendly fire Tesla’s way over pickup trucks
09:39 – Last date for Chevrolet Bolt EV, Bolt EUV Orders nears
10:42 – SPONSORED CONTENT: Support the Chicago Chesed Fund and get a chance to win a Tesla or $50,000 in the 7th Annual CCFRaffle.com
11:58 – BMW iX Recall Alert
12:19 – BMW i7 Recall Alert
12:37 – Ford F-150 Lightning Recall Alert
12:58 – Tesla Semi Recall Alert
13:15 – Mercedes-Benz EQ Family Recall Alert
13:34 – Helixx and Siemens collaborate on new “factory in a box’ for EV Production
13:51 – Tesla takes Cybertruck to winter test in NZ
14:06 – Nikola MOtors lays off more staff as it restructures (yet again)
14:23 – Italian Company Aehra debuts its second car, a sleek electric sedan
14:42 – Ford sending SuperVan 4.2 up Pikes’ Peak International Hill Climb
14:59 – GreenFlag in the UK partners with RIghtCharge to offer EV owners home charging station installations
15:19 – ABB opens new electric vehicle production, warehouse, and repair facility in Virginia
15:38 – BYD delivers its first 100 Yuan Plus EVs for Mexican customers
15:55 – Foxconn, Stellantis announce new partnership for automotive electronics
16:14 – BYD opens its order books in Italy, but won’t bring the Tang there
16:33 – Ford expands its relationship with Team Rubicon, donates vehicles, including F150 Lightning
16:50 – New UK-based academic consultation aims to use ‘digital twins’ to plan decarbonization of UK transportation sector
17:12 – Autoflight and Groupe ADP sign an MOU to experiment with eVTOL craft during 2024 Olympics, Paralympics
17:31 – NHTSA investigating Hyundai IONIQ 5 for sudden power loss while driving
17:48 – Cadillac Sets August 5 as the reveal date for its first all-electric Escalade
18:05 – Toyota says it’s ready to go all electric in Europe by 2035… but there’s a catch
18:23 – Mazda opens negotiations with Panasonic with a view to using it as a battery supplier
18:39 – BYD Dolphin confirmed for EU launch this fall
18:57 – NovaBus will close its Plattsburg production facility and shift production to Canada
19:15 – FirstBus in the UK announces its first charging hub for public use
19:31 – Tesla rumored to be about to purchase a German specialist in inductive vehicle charging
19:47 – Fortescue announces new factory in Oxford, UK
20:03 – Suzuki, SkyDrive lay down basic agreement for manufacturing SkyDrive’s eVTOL craft
20:20 – Smart confirms all-wheel drive Smart #1
20:39 – McMurty Spéirling Pure priced
20:56 – Lucid unlikely to shift to NACS yet
21:13 – Citroen sells out of limited 50-vehicle My Ami Buggy run in 10 hours
23:11 – GM promises three vehicles at Goodwood, including hill climbs from Cyberster
24:07 – GreenTheOnly discovers “Elon Mode” in FSD Beta
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