TEN (Transport Evolved News) Episode 432: Deep Fake Elon, EV Sales Rise, Bolt EV/EUV Killed Off

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This week, Chevrolet kills off the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV, Demand for EVs soars globally, and Tesla’s lawyers seem to suggest Elon Musk was the victim of a deep fake…

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:30 – Welcome!
00:54 – Chevrolet Bolt EV, Bolt EUV to cease production at the end of this year
01:52 – Volvo halts order books for EX90 as it sells out of first-year allocation
02:49 – Volkswagen Q1 Sales of EVs show positive year on year growth, less so Quarter-on-Quarter
03:50 – Tesla’s latest battery degradation data is good news for customers
04:45 – BYD spokesperson casts doubt on the future of fully autonomous vehicles
05:44 – City of Portland, Oregon considers zero emission delivery zone covering 16 downtown blocks
06:38 – U.S. Federal GOvernment announces $400 million in grants for school bus fleets to decarbonize
07:32 – IEA says global EV demand is expanding at a rapid rate thanks to China, Europe, USA
08:27 – MG Comet unveiled at impressively low price for Indian market
09:26 – U.S. Senate tries to roll back EPA rules for big rigs
11:24 – GreenUR student group from Richmond University, VA, call for divestment of the school’s endowment
11:45 – Audi’s latest lease product in the U.S. lets you add a charging station to your lease package
12:01 – GM, Samsung SDI sign new joint battery agreement worth billions
12:19 – Tesla reintroduces more comprehensive tweaking of regen braking
12:37 – Lucid teases more footage of its Gravity SUV
12:56 – Audi unveils prototype-inspired RS e-tron GT 513/2 Limited Edition car
13:15 – Coast Connect wins $45 million in grants toward public transit projects in Santa Cruz County
13:31 – Tesla makes Model S/X Yoke a $250 optional upgrade, not standard fit
13:52 – Redwood materials enters into a battery recycling partnership with Rad Power Bikes
14:09 – Shelby announces limited-edition, European-only Shelby Mustang Mach E GT
14:27 – Tesla tries to get owners of older cars with free, unlimited supercharging to trade their vehicles in
14:48 – Fisker Ocean officially now certified for sale in Europe
15:03 – Mercedes-Benz brings subscription and ad-hoc performance modes to the US for EQS and EQE variants
15:21 – Formula E pushes back plans for 600 kW mid-race charging, citing supply chain woes
15:39 – VinFast adds more money to its coffers
15:57 – Honda says its first in-house EV build on a new platform will be a mid- to large-size vehicle
16:17 – Hyundai IONIQ 5 N to feature more energy-dense battery pack compared to existing IONIQ 5 models
16:35 – Consumer Reports says EVs are more costly to insure on average than ICE vehicles
16:52 – Tesla inventory is at an all-time high
17:10 – Building on data from 2021, a new study says SuperUsers could really help our emissions if they go electric.
17:30 – The state of Utah gets ready to tax EV owners for public charging – all while lower gas tax
17:49 – Texas considers new $200 EV tax over existing fees for EV drivers
18:05 – California now has 1.5 million plug-in vehicles on its roads – 1 million of which are EVs
18:25 – NIO says 60% of its customers prefer to battery swap instead of charge
18:41 – Hertz reports 10% of its fleet – equivalent to 50,000 cars – is now electric
18:58 – Tesla found guilty of violating U.S. labor law
19:15 – Costco appears disinterested in resuming EV charging at its stores
19:34 – Tesla planning Chinese-made entry-level Model Ys for Canada to help satisfy EV incentive laws
19:51 – Northvolt commits to developing batteries for electric aviation
20:06 – Tesla, Fastnet challenge monopoly of Autobahn fuelling stations
22:01 – NYC considers a proposal to install electric bicycle, micromobility charging stations
22:49 – Tesla falls back on Deep Fake arguments to keep Autopilot case out of court
24:03 – Thanks, and Goodbye!