TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 433. Next-Gen MINI, Lordstown In Trouble, Time-Capsule Teslas

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This week, MINI publishes details of its next-generation MINI, Lordstown sends up a warning flare over its future, and time capsule Tesla Roadsters are the ultimate barn find.

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:31 – Welcome!
00:38 MINI teases specs for its next-generation MINI Cooper E, MINI Cooper SE
01:31 – Aptera announces update to production and progress
02:28 – Rivian R1T Wins IIHS Top Safety Pick + Award
03:27 – Ford Publishes Q1 earnings
04:25 – Electrify America’s Soon-To-Be CEO Takes a cross-country road trip
05:25 – Lordstown Motors In Dire Trouble as funds dry up
06:23 – Tesla reintroduces Long-Range Model 3 with new batteries
07:28 – Ford readying extended-range e-Transit for launch next week.
08:25 – Fatal shooting occurs after alleged dispute over Tesla Supercharger
09:25 – Republicans try to throw a wrench in the progress of EVs with new ‘investigation’ into how clean Evs are
11:40 – Daimler announces new charging network for big rigs in the USA
12:02 – Chevrolet Bolt EV, Bolt EUV, earn lowest cost to own award from KBB
12:19 – EV rebates tweaked for Kiwi customers
12:36 – California considers a proposal to make all new EVs capable of bidirectional power transfer by 2026
12:55 – Tesla launches new plaid track package for super-high top speed on Model S Plaid
13:12 – Ford CEO suggests a 3-Row electric SUV is coming to the US
13:30 – Fisker delivers its first Ocean SUV to a customer in Denmark
13:45 – Lucid embarks on a 42-city tour of the US
14:03 – Rivian R1T gets kitted out for safari adventures in Africa
14:24 – CarMax suggests there’s a pattern on which cars get traded in for which EVs
14:43 – Fisker Ocean to come with optional battery swapping capabilities from 2024 thanks to Ample
15:00 – Porsche plans a steep production ramp for Taycan family as parts supply issues get solved
15:16 – Daimler Trucks North America unveils Freightliner eM2
15:34 – StoreDot says it is planning factories in three locations around the world
15:51 – Lilium secures $250 million in capital increase, but needs more funds
16:11 – XShore gets 300 million Kr investment to help bring its boats to mass production
16:27 – Nikola to deliver 50 H2 FCV trucks to USPS carrier AJR Trucking
16:47 – Michigan considers a bill designed to provide discount vouchers for e-Bikes
17:04 – German researchers figure out a way to effectively remanufacture e-Bike motors
17:22 – Plug Power announces hydrogen fuelled EV charging stations for trucks, commercial vehicles
17:45 – GM makes $200 million commitment to a new plants factory where parts for Silverado EV pickup will be made
18:01 – Hyundai Kia Genesis pushes hard to encourage customers to lease, not buy
18:21 – Volvo tweaks its electric vehicle lineup, adds rear-wheel drive options
18:38 – Ford opens order books for tweaked Mustang Mach E
18:56 – Merged Fleet Solutions offers new package for commercial EV customers
19:14 – BMW signs a deal with e-On to build pand-european smart charging solution
19:31 – Rimac announces new energy storage business
19:45 – U.S. White House Says that Toyota is “Fully Committed” To making electric cars after in-depth meetings took place
20:04 – Despite court case, protests, Thacker Pass Lithium mine construction under way
22:16 – NY bans fossil fuels in most new non-commercial buildings
23:09 – Time-Capsule Tesla Roadsters discovered new in China
24:19 – Thanks, and Goodbye!