TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 434: Quarterlies, F150 Lightnings To Buy, Cybertruck In The Mud

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This week, many different industry startups report their quarterly earnings, Ford makes the F150 Lightning available to order with no pre-reservation required; and a Cybertruck gets stuck in the mud. Plus cake gets thrown at a Volkswagen board member, Honda surprises us with a new car, and much, much more!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:29 – Welcome!
00:38 Quarterly reports from Lucid, Fisker, Rivian and Nikola
02:44 – Ford opens the order books for the F150 Lighting, with no prior reservation required
03:25 – Honda unveils the e:NY1
04:17 – Panasonic delays the planned start of production f Tesla’s 4680 form factor cells
05:09 – Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3 production start date pushed back due to “software”
06:02 – Alpine A280 ß teased ahead of a production variant next year
06:56 – Tesla says it will no-longer make right-hand drive Model S, X, cancels customer orders for the same
07:47 – New Study shows US manufacturing could be significantly powered by Solar
09:36 – Volkswagen teases the ID.7 GTX
09:55 – Subaru announces new electric crossovers by 2026
10:12 – Protesters Interrupt Volkswagen’s General Meeting
10:27 – Toyota promises new electric models during its FY 2023 roundup
10:39 – NIO’s latest governmental filing in CHina hints Solid State batteries are close to production
10:54 – Kia publishes video of EV9 undergoing its final winter testing
11:10 – GM to re-enter Europe this autumn, but will only sell Evs
11:25 – Hyundai to expand Indian EV investments
11:43 – California considering bill requiring all autonomous trucks to be supervised
11:58 – Copenhagen begins the process of banning internal combustion engine cars from its streets
12:12 – University of Michigan confirms contract for new $130 Million EV research center
12:28 – BYD readying new technology to rival Autopilot FSD in its Han EV
12:45 – The true cost of Oil and Gas production revealed in new paper
13:03 – Tesla pushes back plans for Autopilot FSD V12
13:23 – GM announces a new one-stop shop for business designed to help them decarbonize
13:38 – Portland ME, pushes hard on establishing charging hubs for overnight charging for renters
13:54 – BYD drops the price of its entry-level SEAL EV in China to undercut Tesla
14:09 – Autocar claims the mercedes-Benz EQS will get some minor performance boosts, more range for the ’24 model year
14:25 – Renault working on a super-affordable, low-power, low-range EV
14:39 – Waymo adds new features to its cars to protect cyclists, pedestrians from suddenly opening doors
14:55 – Tesla beings constructing its own crash-test facilities at Giga Texas
15:11 – Volvo Teases new EX30 SUV
15:29 – Tesla shares jump after Elon Musk says he’s found a new CEO for Twitter
15:45 – Data shows the UK’s energy grid was powered primarily by Wind in Q1
16:01 – Archer Aviation completes its first Midnight eVTOL
16:18 – Tesla reduces the price of supercharging in Europe by up to a quarter
16:34 – For the second week, gun violence hits our EV world
16:53 – Some U.S. Senators express concerns over Tesla’s Forced Arbitration process
17:11 – German-made Volkswagen ID.4s recalled in the U.S. due to faulty door electronics
17:27 – A confusion over vehicle definitions caused a Rivian R1T owner to be fined in NYC
19:19 – A new study of Autodealers and their attitudes toward EVs by the Sierra Club shows some worrying things
20:13 – Tesla Cybertruck prototype spotted stuck in the mud but…
21:08 – Thanks, and Goodbye!