TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 442 – Q2 Sales, More Time for NACS, Tesla’s “Grabby Hands”

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This week, Q2 delivery estimates roll in, Charging manufacturers ask for more time to implement Texas’ NACS mandate, and Tesla gives out “The Reacher”

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:41 – Welcome and Editorials
01:22 – Quarterly sales figures roll in from Q2, 2023
05:14 – Fiat 600e unveiled for European Market
06:10 – Zeekr 001 pre-orders open in two European markets
07:17 – Good news for solar = good news for everyone
08:24 – US. Auto industry lobbyists come out against latest pro-EV EPA emissions rules.
09:18 – Fisker claims Ocean SUV has the lowest LCA of any car.
10:10 – Charging station companies say Texas isn’t giving them enough time to properly test, retrofit NACS to their charging stations
11:07 – Hyundai IONIQ 6 wins Car of the Year
11:38 – Bank of America publishes its latest “AutoWars” analysis.
12:17 – Sponsor Message: CCF Raffle
13:44 – GM purchases ALGOLiON
14:00 – BMW electrifies SA plant (but it produces PHEVS)
14:20 – Stellantis turning its Mirafiori campus carbon neutral
14:36 – GM unveils its latest EV (range extended) concept military vehicle
15:00 – UK EV sales rising, pushing overall car sales there
15:20 – Tata Nexon crosses 50,000th examples sold
15:40 – Hyundai pondering a second production facility in North America, this time in Canada
16:01 – Ontario, Canada becomes home to a new production facility for EV motors
16:19 – Indiana DOT hosts electric vehicle information sessions to get feedback on charging infrastructure deployment plans
16:40 – GAC Aion enters Thailand market as more companies look to build RHD EVs
17:00 – First of 300 new charging stations for Electric Go Company go live in Kenya
17:18 – Extreme heat in southern U.S. states leads to more fossil fuel flaring
17:39 – Indian motorcycle company Oben Electric starts deliveries of its Rorr motorcycle
18:01 – Abarth partners with Mission Impossible to promote Fiat 500e Abarth
18:26 – First e-bike with ChatGPT integration launches
18:48 – Chinese ride-hailing EV drops a battery pack while in motion
19:09 – Tesla Model 3 and Model Y reduced in price in Australia to meet luxury car tax rules
19:31 – Tesla Model Y is the best selling car, second best-selling vehicle in Australia
19:53 – Hyundai launches a new ad campaign targeting Asian American customers
20:14 – Origin Energy trails prototype flow battery from Allegro Energy
20:41 – LG Chem begins mass-production of single-crystal high-nickel cathodes
21:05 – Governor DeSantis signs bill to allow Florida to use radioactive fertilizer byproducts in road building projects
21:29 – New website shows which "environmental’ lobbyists are actually on fossil fuel’s payroll.
21:49 – Swiss start-up building solar-panel supports using repurposed end-of-life wind turbine blades.
22:11 – Toyota announces new role – Senior VP of EV supply, appointing Susan Elkington to the role
22:32 – ZF showcases Porsche Taycan with more winter range thanks to its own in-house developed components.
22:53 – Nikola Motors liquidates assets of battery company Romeo Power.
23:12 – Nio takes delivery of its first semi-solid-state battery packs
23:34 – Stellantis unveils the STLA Medium platform
24:01 – Sponsor message – Atmos Financial
25:46 – škoda unveils a camper concept EV built by vocational students
26:39 – Tesla hands UK customers “The Reacher” for LHD Model S and X orders now being delivered (in a RHD country)
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28:18 – Thanks, and Goodbye!