TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 443. Byton Is Dead, Texas’s Green Energy Surplus, Tamiya Wild One

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This week, Byton dies, Texas has more green energy than it can handle, and a real, life-size Tamiya RC car you can DRIVE

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:33 – Welcome!
00:42 Get a discount of 25% off Fully Charged LIve Canada in Vancouver with "TE25!"
01:17 – Despite selling out of this year’s allocation, Ford is offering discounts for F150 Lightnings in some markets
02:07 – Byton parent companies file for bankruptcy protections
03:00 – Kenyan banks, organizations, team up to get 100,000 electric motorcycle taxis, tuk tuks funded.
03:53 – NIo ET6, EL7 ace new EuroNCAP crash tests
04:49 – BMW officially launches the CE-02 electric scooter
05:41 – Republican Lawmakers in the U.S. try and use military budget as an opportunity to ban EVs serving
06:31 – SAE confident it can expedite NACS standardization as SAE 3400 by the end of this year
07:21 – Texas renewables producing more power than the grid can cope with
08:15 – Energica Eva Ribelle RS shows it can beat gas bikes on the race track
09:07 – BP predicts Hydrogen fueled vehicles won’t ever really take off
10:57 – Lucid shares fall after Q2 production drop
11:14 – Tesla warns its Model 3, Model Y may be less eligible for Federal Tax Incentives next year
11:29 – NHTSA opens investigation into EV6 sudden power losses
11:47 – MG unveils the EX4, a perfect tribute to the MG Metro 5R4 of the 1980s.
12:05 – Canoo delivers first Crew Transportation EVs to NASA under contract
12:21 – Texas Legislature delays a vote on tying EV charging funds to NACS
12:37 – Ford patents a trailer that can charge the vehicle towing it – and other vehicles too
12:53 – Rad Power Bikes Leaves the EU marketplace
13:07 – Tesla tells the US EPA that it thinks it can help the US reach EV targets
13:28 – Lexus offers up to $10,000 in cash deals on new lease deals for the RZ 450e
13:45 – Nio adds specs of its 150 kWh solid-state battery pack to its online manual
14:01 – Fisker misses its Q2 targets
14:15 – Rivian stock soars after good quarter, analyst praise
14:34 – New draft rules in the UK could heavily fine charging networks with poor reliability
14:49 – Another poor quarter for Porsche reflected in lowering Taycan sales
15:03 – Rivian patents unique pass-through setup for series-connected EV charging
15:18 – Audi trainees make an NSU Prinz all-electric
15:39 – EV Stock Inventories are on the rise
15:54 – Renault confirms the Scénic e-Tech will debut at IAA 2023
16:11 – LEVC unveils a better-accessible version of its TX Taxi
16:26 – INEOS debuts FCV version of its Grenadier 4×4 at Goodwood Festival of Speed
16:41 – Vanmoof enters bankruptcy, as future of its smartphone app uncertain
16:59 – Rumors suggest Ford Fiesta will be reincarnated as an EV
17:16 – Toyota, Stellantis voice concerns over new EPA emissions proposals
17:34 – EU passes a new set of regulations mandating very good public charging provision
17:50 – Chevrolet Blazer EVs are on their way to the U.S. from Mexico
18:04 – Kia Georgia plans an expansion to allow for EV9 Production there
18:18 – Caterham unveils Project V
18:33 – Hyundai IONIQ 5 N finally makes its debut
18:52 – Fortnum Recycling plans a new battery facility in Germany
19:08 – Porsche unveils 357 speedster concept to celebrate 30th anniversary of Goodwood Festival of Speed
19:27 – SPONSORED CONTENT: Support the Chicago Chesed Fund
20:21 – Ford unveils new Rally-inspired Mustang Mach E variant at Goodwood, will go on sale this Fall
21:14 – The Tamiya Wild One is here!
22:20 – Thanks, and Goodbye!