TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 445. Used EV Prices Drop, Chinese EV Pickup Coming, Win a Tesla!

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This week, the prices of used EVs start to drop dramatically, a Chinese-market electric pickup prepares for sales elsewhere, and how to win a Tesla!

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:32 – Welcome!
00:39 – Get a discount of 25% off Fully Charged LIve Canada in Vancouver with "TE25!"
01:12 – Roundup from latest Q2 and H1 earnings, production and sales figures
03:16 – Tesla accused of overstating EPA range, Dissuading customers from complaining
04:16 – Used electric car prices in the U.S. falling precipitously
05:13 – Audi gives select journalists a sneak-peak at its Q6, SQ6 e-tron EVs
06:11 – Tesla settles a class-action lawsuit.
07:02 – Nissan celebrates making 1 million EVs
08:00 – AutoFlight showcases its eVTOL synchronized flight capabilities
08:53 – Elon Musk says FSD V12 is “Mind-Blowing” But his credibility is slipping
09:46 – Sponsored Segment: Energysage!
10:52 – Certain Tesla models recalled due to a misaligned camera
11:13 – Chevrolet Bolt EV will return as an Ultium-based vehicle
11:29 – Seven global automakers announce their intention to establish a new jointly-owned charging network
11:46 – A new distance record is set in Southeast Asia in a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo
12:03 – Forth announces a cargo bike library program for families in Portland, Oregon
12:20 – WattEV opens up its largest commercial vehicle charging depot in the U.S.
12:37 – A new survey shows that Tesla owners sell up most often because of Elon Musk, not their car
12:55 – BT announces plans to turn old phone cabinets into charging stations
13:11 – Lower Saxony in Germany wants to make all of its local rail services electric
13:26 – Tesla introduces 7-Year (84-month) loans for its cars
13:43 – Four all-electric Audi models earn the IIHS’s Top Safety Pick Plus award
13:59 – XShore 1 begins deliveries
14:17 – Porsche opens its first charging lounge near Bingen am Rhien, Germany
14:34 – Citroen rumored to be working on a faster, more capable version of its Ami L7e Quadricycle
14:52 – Tesla told it needs to amend its expansion plans for Gigafactory Berlin due to water concerns
15:08 – Kenyan President takes a ride on a Roam Motorcycle during the opening of its new production facility
15:27 – Telsas banned from Chinese town ahead of Premiere Xi’s visit
15:44 – Kenyan President takes a ride on a Roam Motorcycle during the opening of its new production facility
16:02 – Honda seems disinterested in Honda e replacement
16:20 – Mercedes-Benz teases an entry-level EV for IAA this September
16:39 – Nikola Tré BEV caught fire again last week.
16:55 – KTM unveils a new gravel-oriented electric bicycle
17:15 – Audi rolls out YouTube for all its cars
17:33 – Andy Palmer joins Everrati as board advisor
17:50 – Volkswagen Group takes a 4.99% stake in XPeng, works with it on new projects
18:05 – Alphabet says Google Maps “Eco Route” option has helped save the equivalent emissions to removing 1/4 million cars off the road
18:22 – First Lucid Air Sedan Sapphire editions roll off the production line
18:39 – As planned, Tesla’s Fremont facility stops production for a refit
18:56 – Porsche looks to be considering establishing a U.S. battery factory
19:11 – Mercedes-Benz facelifts the EQV and e-Vito
19:31 – Planning documents from the UK show that Tesla V4 Superchargers are capable of 350 kW power
19:45 – Lion Electric opens its new facility in Illinois, the largest of its type in the U.S.
20:05 -Win a Tesla!
21:13 – Renault ZOE to end production next year
22:14 – Geely-Owned brand RADAR begins shipping its RD6.
23:26 – Thanks, and Goodbye!
26:35 – Welcome
27:08 – Check out our Buyers Guide!
27:57 – Thanks, and Goodbye!