TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 447: Cadillac Escalade IQ, VW Beats Tesla, e-Bike Licenses In CA?

From Transport Evolved.

This week, Tesla is outsold by Volkswagen EVs in Germany, Cadillac launches a very expensive Escalade EV, and why eBike licenses may be on the way for California.

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:38 – Welcome!
00:44 – Get a discount of 25% off Fully Charged LIve Canada in Vancouver with "TE25!"
01:21 – Nikola, Lucid, Fisker and Rivian all post their quarterlies
03:40 – footage from various Tesla autopilot crashes involving emergency vehicles are sobering
04:38 – GM confirms every Ultium-based EV will ultimately get V2H capabilities
05:24 – BYD celebrates producing its five millionth new energy vehicle
06:25 – Cadillac Escalade IQ gets its official reveal
07:21 – Lucid publishes final specifications of the Lucid Air Sapphire
08:18 – Volkswagen, BYD, Prove competition for Tesla in Germany and Sweden
09:10 – Fisker holds its first product vision day, reveals two new models
10:06 – Sponsored Segment: Energysage!
11:12 – Lucid issues three separate recalls for its Air Sedan
11:36 – 2013 Chevrolet Volt recalled for faulty airbag inflators
11:54 – Jaguar iPace recalled for heating system woes
12:12 – Volkswagen picks Hyundai Mobis as its next generation battery supplier
12:29 – Spiro expands its leasing programs for electric motorcycles to Kenya and Uganda
12:48 – Chevrolet unveils its Blazer EV PPV in a new video
13:06 – Stellantis teases a Fiat Panda-sized, low-cost EV
13:24 – Lucid slashes up to $12,000 U.S. off the cost of its vehicles
13:40 – BMW unveils i7 Protection bullet-proof car
13:58 – Hyundai promises new models for Indian market
14:16 – Tesla CFO confirms his departure after 13-years at the firm
14:34 – Audi planning to resurrect the RS6 nameplate – as an EV
14:55 – Motiv Power unveils Argo EV commercial vehicle
15:14 – EVgo announces partnership with Audible
15:29 – MG4 gets extended-range option in the UK
15:46 – Chargepoint aims for a 100% uptime at its U.S. charging stations
16:03 – Tesla now added to list of used EV brands you can get a U.S. Tax break on
16:23 – Maiden Flight takes place of the Diamond eDA40
16:44 – Tesla completes acquisition of Wiferon wireless charging specialist
16:59 – Amprius Technologies debuts a new high-energy battery pack that could be great in electric airplanes
17:18 – 1/4 of all new cars registered in California now have a plug
17:35 – GM admits it’s struggling to make enough Ultium batteries
17:50 – Volkswagen ID Buzz California too heavy to be sold in Europe in its current guise
18:09 – Volex given a license to produce NACS connector by Tesla
18:29 – Ford Explorer rumored to be delayed
18:48 – Aptera still has unanswered questions following bad national TV appearance
19:05 – Bright Drop EVs head to Mexico
19:22 – 1.3 million plug-in cars were sold around the world in June
19:40 – A Chevrolet Bolt EV catches fire in Boston, with battery suspected
20:00 – Electrify America to change its pricing structure later this month
20:17 – Cadillac Celestiq confirmed to have a starting price of $340,000
20:41 – SPONSORED CONTENT: Support the Chicago Chesed Fund and get a chance to win a Tesla or $50,000 in the 9th Annual CCFRaffle.com
21:49 – Proterra files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection
22:56 – California considers a license requirement for e-bike riders
24:02 – Thanks, and Goodbye!