TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 448- CATL Breakthrough, Bolt Lives Longer, e-bike Right To Repair

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This week, CATL announces a breakthrough battery, The Chevrolet Bolt and Bolt EUV live a little longer, and bicycle companies campaign for e-Bikes to be kept out of right-to-repair legislation

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:31 – Welcome!
00:37 – Get a discount of 25% off Fully Charged LIve Canada in Vancouver with "TE25!"
01:02 – Acura unveils the ZDX and ZDX Type S in California
01:57 – CATL unveils its Shenxing battery, a breakthrough for the firm
02:55 – Latest Pew survey shows that opinions on fossil fuel phaseout have sharpened along party lines
03:46 – PepsiCo shows its real-world Tesla Semi efficiency figures
04:34 – Fisker publishes more details about its Alaska Pickup truck
05:27 – Faraday Future delivers its first FF91, five years behind schedule
06:21 – Tesla launches software-locked standard range Model S, Model X with $10,000 lower price tags
07:15 – Vinfast goes public after reverse merger, has a roller-coaster stock market ride
08:12 – Cybertruck Updates
09:08 – Chevrolet Bolt EV, Bolt EUV, Get a small stay of execution for a few months
09:59 – Sponsored Segment: UGears
11:25 – Canoo unveils a new Class 2 delivery vehicle variant of its lifestyle vehicle
11:43 – Dust Moto launches a crowdfunding campaign with a difference
12:01 – UK sales data for Q1 shows EV sales are on the rise
12:16 – Pininfarina unveils first electric B995 Hyper Barschetta
12:31 – Waymo, GM Cruise, Given permission to start charging customers for robotaxis
12:50 – New study shows that the general public in the U.S. are aware of IRA-funded EV, Green incentives
13:07 – EVSE company Easee in financial trouble
13:26 – VanMoof gives customers an ultimatum
13:41 – Gm invests in AI battery materials company Mitra Chem
13:57 – Ford, Ecoprobm, SK On invest in a new cathode plant in Quebéc, Canada
14:14 – Tesla launches new home charging station capable of J1772 and NACS operation
14:30 – Kia teases a new special edition of the EV6 GT – and it’s green
14:47 – Rubicon Trail completed by Rivian R1S
15:03 – California begins a new program offering low-income families $2,000 toward EV charging costs
15:23 – EVgo now offers Rivian owners Autocharge+ compatibility
15:42 – New York considers a new law to allow human-powered cargo vehicles in NYC
15:59 – Ford confirms that its Explorer EV will be delayed
16:16 – Our Next Energy (ONE) claims its LFP battery is close to NCM in terms of specs, performance
16:35 – Cruise autonomous vehicle gets stuck in concrete
16:51 – Mahindra showcases rendered new EV model driving on Mars
17:08 – Ford Mustang Mach E given ratings with LFP battery packs
17:26 – Lamborghini to unveil its first electric model
17:42 – Ford dynamic EV charging patent surfaces
17:58 – Luxembourg continues its EV charging infrastructure rebate program
18:12 – Nikola Motor issues stop sale, recall of all BEV trucks
18:27 – Rivian R1S, R1T with “Enduro” Dual Motor drive get rated by EPA
18:46 – Texas mandates charging providers offer NACS, or miss out on funding
19:00 – Fisker confirms it will adopt NACS
19:15 – NYC mandates ride-shares be all-electric by 2030
21:02 – Mahindra Launches its latest electric auto rickshaw, with a starting price of under $2,000
22:04 – Bicycle Industry lobbying group tries to argue against right-to-repair for e bikes, using “safety concerns” as an excuse
23:01 – Thanks, and Goodbye!