TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 452 – EV9 V2G, 100,000+ EVs in a Month, Peugeot e3008!

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This week, Peugeot unveils a new electric car, US EV sales top 109,000 in one month, and the EV9 demonstrates its V2G capabilities

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:31 – Welcome!
00:38 Editorial Note
01:19 – Ford, Honda and BMW sign on to new partnership for EV grid power management
02:16 – European Union beings investigation into Chinese EVs amidst fears they are being unfairly subsidized
03:13 – Hyundai IONIQ 6 picks up two new awards this week
04:07 – Peugeot unveils the e-3008
05:05 – Triple-motor Porsche Taycan GT coming soon with more than 1,000 horsepower
06:03 – Sales of new EVs topped 100k for the first time in a single month in the U.S., with more than 109,000 new EVs registered in July
07:03 – MINI confirms MINI Oxford production facility will make next-generation MINI EV after all
08:00 – WallBox, Kia, Demonstrate V2G With Wallbox Quazar and EV9
08:59 – BYD Seal torn down in latest UBS analysis
09:53 – The UAW Votes to Strike in the U.S.
12:28 – New recycling program aims to build 100% recycled battery packs
12:50 – Fifteen Teslas burned by radical protest group in Germany
13:09 – Republicans plan to push to block states from enacting zero emission mandates and ICE car bans in the US
13:28 – Removed traction battery pack from a crashed EV starts a fire in Australia
13:50 – New filings suggests Vinfast is selling more than 1/2 of its cars to its sister brand
14:12 – The Honda Motocompo is back (as an EV!)
14:31 – Toyota promises 500 mile (800 km) EV with solid state battery pack from 2026
14:54 – XShore unveils its third electric boat.
15:13 – Nairobi plays host to Kenya’s largest EV parade
15:30 – BMW launches a more affordable, lower-spec variant of the iX1 EV
15:50 – Tesla unveils third-generation Powerwall
16:08 – BMW confirms an M3 EV is on the way
16:27 – US Federal Government allocates $100 million to help charging stations get repaired and replaced
16:43 – Deliveries of the Ark Zero begin in the UK, France
17:00 – Ikea plans further solar car park canopies in the U.S.
17:18 – US Renewables annual capacity additions to triple in 10 years, says WoodMackenzie
17:33 – Study from Oxford university shows heat pumps beat oil and gas – even in cold weather
17:49 – Mustang Mach E Rally to debut in the Rebelle Rally
18:05 – Electric Hydrofoil Boats to enter test program in Orkney Islands
18:21 – Porsche, Audi, recall their J1-based EVs
18:39 – Kenya, working with Spiro, plans 1 million electric motorcycles, along with battery swaps, for the nation’s roads
18:59 – A fourth Nikola Tre BEV catches fire
19:17 – Online petition tries to hold GM to its promises of a $30,000 Chevrolet Equinox
19:36 – BYD’s newest car promises to be super efficiency
19:54 – Ego unveils all-electric child-sized electric motorcycle powered by its power tool batteries
20:11 – Documents show just how much Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson took home last year
20:28 – New charging location at the NEC in Birmingham UK can charge 180 Evs at once!
20:44 – New distance record for electric motorcycles set by Ultraviolette F77
21:02 – Volvo Group announces partnership to give second-life to its bus, truck, construction machinery battery packs
21:18 – Hyundai, LGES commit to further $2 billion spending in Georgia production facility
21:36 – Cadillac Lyriq gets a performance boost via OTA
21:56 – Sponsored Segment: UGears
23:14 – University EV teams set new records in the same week!
24:20 – Cops called after A poor PR move by a Government official trying to save a space for the secretary of Energy at a charging station
25:15 – Thanks, and Goodbye!