Tesla Cybertruck Details Revealed – Thoughts, Overview and Which Model to Get!

From Bearded Tesla Guy.

Tesla just released the long awaited Tesla Cybertruck just yesterday, and it represented the end of a 4 year wait for what is likely the most anticipated vehicle release in modern times. With this release, Tesla has officially entered the Truck Market in the U.S., which is quite possibly the most cut throat segment of the auto industry.

4 years ago when Elon Musk announced the details of the Tesla Cybertruck, he shared details on what the ideal Cybertruck would be, look like, and cost. Since then, delays and changes have kept this truck from being a reality, and although a number of features have been removed, some features have been added.

Now knowing pricing, which comes in about 30k higher for the Dual Motor and Tri Motor Cybertruck than announced, and 20k higher for the RWD Cybertruck, we have all had a chance to digest the significant increase in price, and significant change in range expectations. On the lower end, things were pretty much what was announced or slightly better, except for price. As you step up to Dual Motor and Tri Motor Cybertruck, also called Cyberbeast, you start to fall farther away from the announced specs from 4 years ago.

It would seem that the first few years of Cybertruck production have been "earmarked" for the most wealthy Tesla customers, as the $100k price tag on the top trim has far exceeded may budgets of customers. Until demand softens, it is unlikely that these prices will come down anytime soon. That said, it is important to note that Tesla is always working on reducing cost and bringing prices down.

After having sifted through all the details, although I am disappointed on price, I am obviously still a customer. Instead of the top trim Tri Motor Cybertruck, I will be going with the Dual Motor, and will start to save up for the Range Extender to be added later. No options can be added to retain the tax credit, so I will stick firm on not adding anything to the truck up front.

Let me know your thoughts on the details being released, and what you plan on doing in the comments.

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