Tesla Model Y – Buy Now or Wait for Juniper? What We Know

From EV Review Ireland.

Derek Reilly from Nevo.ie takes a drive and chats about what we know about the upcoming Model Y refresh code named Project Juniper.

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0:00 Intro
0:59 The Dilemma
1:47 China Soft Update / Slight Update
3:26 Parking Sensors
4:11 StalkGate
5:34 Exterior Changes
6:50 Nevo Electric Vehicle Show
7:19 Aero and Ride Comfort
8:16 Interior Changes
9:52 Battery, Charging and Range
11:58 When and Where will get Juniper?
12:25 Prices, Offers and Value
13:04 350kW Charging
13:23 Prices in Ireland
14:09 What do you think?

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