Tesla Range Scandal Isn’t A Scandal… Because You Shouldn’t Have Believed It In The First Place…

From EV Buyers Guide.

When I said our Model 3 SR+ had a real world range of 192 miles +/- about 10 miles, y’all lost your minds, but it wasn’t a scandal then and it isn’t now. Instead it’s just a textbook example of why the "EPA range" is not a "real world" number. Newsflash: the EPA testing designed in 1978 isn’t a great real world example for ANY new car, truck or SUV in America today. Join me as I pick apart the scandal and talk about how fuel economy works. What it’s good for and why you should ignore that range number if you’re not willing to look deep enough to know what it is really telling you.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:49 – The "Scandal"
3:37 – My Model 3 story
5:45 – Nothing gets the numbers
7:39 – How the EPA cycles work
11:22 – EV range calculation is bonkers
15:50 – You’re thinking about range wrong
20:39 – Some hard truths, aka blame the EPA