Tesla Takeover road trip… in our Mach-E!!!

From Mach-E VLOG.

We take a quick road trip in our Mustang Mach-E from San Diego to San Luis Obispo for Tesla Takeover! The Tesla Takeover is the largest gathering of Tesla owners in the world. But this video is about the road trip to get there!

We left early so we could stop by the doctor’s office and do some sightseeing in Solvang and Pismo Beach. We only stopped once for charging on this trip, but we also got to charge at our hotel.

After we get to San Luis Obispo, we meet up with our Tesla friends and watch the Tesla light show organized by @TeslaClubAustria . You can see the full video here: https://youtu.be/UuyWq0cbTkw

0:00 Intro
1:19 First Stop
4:34 Driving through Los Angeles
9:23 Hotel in Thousands Oaks
10:35 Fancy Pony
12:20 Route Planning
15:34 Chatting about our trip
23:50 Solvang
29:41 Charging at Electrify America
35:28 Tesla Takeover?
43:44 Arriving in San Luis Obispo
45:34 Pismo Beach
48:55 Patrick tries the Taycan
53:45 Dinner with Tesla friends
54:36 Tesla Light Show!

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