Tesla Timeout #32 – MICHELIN X-ICE Snow Tires Review

From EV Revolution Show.

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Michelin X-ICE Snow – A winter tire designed for maximum mobility and safety – not just when it’s new, but for seasons to come.

X-ICE Snows provide ultimate snow & ice confidence, excellent winter traction, long lasting winter tread, a quiet and comfortable ride and great efficiency!

Supported by the Michelin Promise Plan of a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, roadside assistance, and a limited warranty of 60,000 kilometres.

In this video I review a set of new Michelin X-ICE Snow Tires, that I had installed on my Tesla Model 3.

DISCLAIMER: I would like to thank Michelin Canada for sending me these tires for free to review. My review is honest and unbiased.

As always, I welcome any feedback and questions! Thanks for Watching!

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