Testing $1.3 Million of Federally Funded EV Fast Charging in Ohio & PA | Quick Charge # 11

From Plug and Play EV.

$1,287,917 is the combined award value of these two of the first three federally funded DC fast charging sites in the United States. Our holiday travel took us close to both London, OH and Pittston, PA, where we stopped in to check out the amenities and experience using the first NEVI-funded sites in the country.

1st NEVI site opened (Ohio):

3rd NEVI site opened (Pennsylvania):

NB. The second site in Kingston, NY is part of the EVolve New York network but was not part of a solicitation process, so funding totals for that site have not yet been released. Site listing: https://www.plugshare.com/location/569922

To see a full trip across I-80 in PA and how NEVI funding is set to transform this travel corridor, watch this recent video: https://youtu.be/_sfkMzwt9Fc


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