The 2023 EV Tax Credit Changes Are A Big Deal | Who Keeps It & Who Loses It On April 18

From EV Buyers Guide.

The treasury has finally released guidance on the new EV tax credit rules and the number of cars that qualify for the rest of 2023 has shrunk dramatically. Tesla, Ford, GM, Jeep and Chrysler are the only makers of EVs and PHEVs for 2023 that will get any tax incentives on purchase. If you’re leasing your next EV or PHEV the list will expand a bit to include some European luxury brands, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Lucid, but the door is closing pretty firmly on a wide variety of BEVs made overseas. In this video I cover the changes that start on April 18, 2023, how the tax credit works and why so many new EVs are shut out in the cold.

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