The 2024 Acura TLX Is A Mild Tweak To A Solid Value

From Alex on Autos.

The 2024 TLX is barely a refresh to be honest. Some European car companies wouldn’t have even mentioned a re-styled grille and bigger LCD, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook Acura’s refinements. For 2024 the TLX focuses on Acura’s core repeat shoppers as well as streamlining inventory for dealers and customers alike. With sedan sales sliding we should be thankful Acura is still dedicated to their midsize/compact flagship, but that size confusion continues to be the TLX’s achilles heel. It’s 5-Series sized on the outside, but smaller than the Integra in some dimensions inside. So what it is? It’s the reliable and fun to drive value alternative to the S60, A4, 3-Series and C-Class, and that’s just fine.

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