The 2024 Genesis Electrified GV70 Might Just Be The Best Genesis Ever

From Alex on Autos.

With nearly 500 horsepower and the second fastest 0-60 time in the Genesis lineup, there’s not much wrong with the GV70 EV, as long as you’re OK with just over 200 miles of driving range. For most folks not only will that be just fine, never visiting the gas station again is a "luxury feature" worth contemplating.

The biggest deal with the "Electrified GV70" (which is a silly name by the way) is that unlike a EQE or RZ 450e, the GV70 looks almost identical to the gasoline model. If you’re not interested in an EV that looks like a spaceship, check out the GV70.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – Styling
2:29 – How big is it
3:55 – EV "conversion" done right
6:17 – Motors & battery
8:50 – Seats
10:12 – How roomy is it?
11:17 – Cargo capacity
11:32 – Interior design
19:48 – Drive and 0-60
27:28 – Pricing & Comparisons
31:00 – Conclusion

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