The 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Bigger, Badder, And Boxier Than Ever (also, it has a weird rear end)

From Alex on Autos.

How big is the Santa Fe? It’s almost EXACTLY the same size as the Kia Sorento. This makes total sense as the Sorento and Santa Fe have long been related. In the last gen Santa Fe, things shrunk and it became 2-row only, in this generation it’s almost exactly the size of a Sorento, and therefore inside it’s about the same as a Highlander and only a hair smaller inside than a Pilot. Palisade/Telluride have a 3-person 3rd row while Sorento/Santa Fe have a 2-person way back. This means 6/7 seats vs the 7/8 seat format of the larger option. One note on cargo capacity: the way the Santa Fe’s numbers are reported on the international press release don’t conform to N. American standards. In the USA it’s the whole volume behind the 3rd row or 2nd row. In other markets they only count the space below the rear seat backs and they use the count of blocks of specific sizes rather than total volume. In USA terms, the Santa Fe is likely around a bit roomier than the Sorento’s 38 cubic foot rating (likely 40+ fcu ft), not the 25 cubic foot number you may have heard.

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