The 2024 Lexus TX Is The BIG 3-Row Luxury SUV We’ve All Been Asking For

From Alex on Autos.

Watch out Acura, Lexus is coming for your MDX with the new Lexus TX 350, TX 500h and TX 550h+. Not only is the Lexus TX likely to deliver a whopping 10 inches more legroom than the MDX, it’ll have 30% more cargo room and an actual usable 3rd row for adults. Still not enough? It’ll have an optional 366 horsepower hybrid system which should make it faster than an MDX to 60 or a 406 horsepower plug in hybrid with legendary Lexus reliability, 30 MPG combined and 33 miles of EV range. Better still? The hybrids don’t change the interior space at all so it’ll still be as solid choice for big families riding in style. The only bummer? No 8th seat.

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