The 2024 Mustang GT Is The Pony Car The Takes The Fight To The Germans

From Alex on Autos.

Yep, it’s been said before: the Mustang is the American alternative to a BMW. Well, it’s true in terms of raw driving dynamics: the independent rear suspension Mustang has what it takes, but the issue with the 6th gen mustang for me was the Fisher Price interior. Although Ford is calling this Mustang a new "7th generation" Mustang, it’s actually more like Mustan version 6.2 and I’m OK with that. Ford left the parts of the Mustang that were great and tweaked everything else. It finally gets a controversial 21st century infotainment system, higher end models finally have an interior fitting the price tag and the whole thing will still cost you less than a BMW 430i or 440i. How does it drive? I kind of reminds me of BMW M cars from yesteryear, back when the Germans still had a naturally aspirated engine under the hood.

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0:00 – Introduction
00:22 – Exterior design
3:53 – The refreshed 5.0L V8
5:06 – Listen to the exhaust
5:27 – Seats
7:48 – Interior design
11:57 – On road drive
20:09 – The ragtop!
22:43 – Conclusion

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