The 2024 Subaru Crosstrek Is An Affordable Mini Outback

From Alex on Autos.

The formula that made Subaru’s Outback such a sales success has been applied yet again to Subie’s smallest CUV, the Crosstrek. Thanks to it being essentially a ruggedized Impreza hatch, the Crosstrek has a roomier back seat than average and a lower roof height making it easier to toss your bikes, roof tents, and cargo boxes up top. For 2024 Subaru has sweetened the deal with a bigger screen in the dash, more refinement and improved fuel economy.

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0:00 Introduction
0:23 Front End Design
2:24 Size
3:40 Roof Rack
4:15 Ground Clearance
4:50 Rear End Design
5:14 Powertrains
6:54 Carmigo
7:27 Front Seat Comfort
8:26 Rear Seat Comfort
9:52 Cargo
11:01 Interior Walkaround
14:49 The Drive
21:56 Pricing and Availability
24:58 Comparisons
26:43 Closing