The 2025 Ford Explorer Is Now A Mobile Gaming Console (and it gets some other changes)

From Alex on Autos.

The refreshed 2025 Explorer is the first vehicle in the Ford lineup to get an all-new Android based infotainment system that might just rival Tesla when it comes to compute power. The system uses new, larger displays and a faster processor to deliver not only streaming services, more apps, faster mapping, and better smartphone integration, but also integrated gaming with a bluetooth module that will allow you to pait BT gaming controllers or keyboards. The new system is nested into a new dashboard with snazzier materials and more storage.

Under the hood there are only minor changes. The 2.3L turbo gets some tweaks but power remains the same at 300 horsepower. The low-output 3.0L twin-turbo V6 is gone, and in its place we get the same 400 horsepower tune from the Explorer ST. (The ST is still around). If you want the ST looks without the ST shove or fuel economy penalty, there’s a new ST Line trim for you.

Pricing? That’s gone up as well, but not as much as we’d expected. The main reason for that is the base "Explorer" trim is dead and now "Active" is the base model. "Active" replaces the XLT trim that the Explorer has had for some time and builds on it with more standard content than before.

One thing that hasn’t changed? Towing capacity. That’s still 5,000 lbs max, but also 5,000 lbs standard as the tow package is included on every model.

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