The 2025 Toyota Crown Signia Is The Hybrid Outback Subaru Won’t Build

From Alex on Autos.

Toyota is bringing America what Subaru won’t: A high riding "SUV Wagon" with high fuel economy, Toyota reliability, and a snazzier interior. It’s called the Crown Signa. Yep. I’m not kidding, the Crown Signa. Odd naming aside, the Signa will be replacing the Venza when it goes on sale and it makes more sense than the Venza ever did.

It’ll be about the same size as the current Crown sedan (and the Subaru Outback) and it’ll likely be around $42,000 starting. As you’d expect, it’s in essence the Crown wagon (and is sold as the Crown Estate in other markets). Here however since "wagon" is a dirty word… Well, you get the picture.

About that Outback comparison, well it’s not really a direct competitor since this will be more expensive, more premium, more comfortable, likely quieter and more reliable and solidly more efficient since the 2.5L hybrid system will be standard. For some reason Toyota won’t be offering their 2.4L turbo hybrid in the Signa. AWD will be standard and the hybrid system will deliver 243 horsepower and 36 MPG. Sound familiar? That’s basically the same as the Highlander hybrid which gives you the same HP and 1 less MPG in AWD form.

Speaking of Highlander. I was curious why Toyota didn’t just hack a few inches off a Highlander like other companies do with their "premium" 2-row offering. Toyota said they wanted to target a different customer, one that was interested in a unique look, the practicality of a lower roofline (think about lifting bikes or kayaks up there), and of course the Crown Estate was already in the portfolio.

Interior roominess is certainly a win with the higher roofline. The back seats are roomier than in the Crown sedan or the Camry, but not as roomy as a boxy Passport, a vehicle Toyota says will be a competitor. Likewise the cargo area is roomier than the average sedan, but not quite as boxy as an Atlas Sport. Toyota does say you can squeeze 6.5-foot long items behind the front seats, but I’d love to see a fold-flat front passenger seat to make things even more practical.

Stay tuned for more details as the Crown Signa goes on sale in early spring 2024 and we’ll have more info at that time.

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