The BMW XM Makes My Brain Hurt | Reviewing The Most Powerful BMW Ever

From Alex on Autos.

The XM is only the second vehicle the M division has ever produced themselves. The other one? The M1. This time however, things are different. Obviously it’s not a supercar so that’s a change, but also it’s not entirely new. It’s closely related to the X5 and X7, but has a very different and confusing mission: to compete with the Urus, AMG G-Wagon, and the Bentayga. Oh, and they gave it a plug. The result is an SUV that’s very fast, not not as fast as an X5, handles incredibly well, but not as well as any other M-car, is efficient, but (you guessed it) not as efficient as any other BMW PHEV, and luxurious, but not quite as swanky as an X7 or 7-series. Then, there’s the price tag…

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0:00 – Introduction
0:45 – What is it? I’m not sure
3:24 – Styling
4:44 – How big is it?
6:55 – Engine
8:35 – What about the X5 PHEV?
9:47 – Seat comfort
12:18 – Cargo capacity
14:18 – Interior design
19:19 – How does it drive?
28:28 – Conclusion