The Bumper Australia Special – Almost Breaking News!

From Fully Charged Show.

The countdown to Fully Charged LIVE Sydney is on! Join Robert and the Electric Viking ( for this bumper episode of Almost Breaking News jam packed with the latest and greatest electric vehicle news from Down Under as well as everything you need to know about the live show! After a little Robert fossil fuel fuelled rant, stick around to watch his interview with Jane Hunter, CEO of Tritium Chargers to find out what it takes to build charging technology that can withstand the outback. See you in Sydney!

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00:00 Introduction – Coming Up!
00:48 Electric Headlines from Down Under
06:45 The Electric Viking’s Take on Australia’s Top EVs
10:40 Hello from Jack and Fully Charged Live Sydney Line Up!
11:58 The Electric Vehicle Council
13:13 Robert meets Jane Hunter, CEO of Tritium Chargers
14:00 How do you charge an electric car in Australia?
31:48 See you soon!

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