The Electric Land Rover Defender That Never Was…

From Fully Charged Show.

Jack heads to Scotland to do some extreme off-roading in the first ever Scottish-built EV: The Munro Mk1. With a ruthlessly simple design and unparalleled off-roading capabilities, is this the true spiritual successor to the old Land Rover Defender?

00:00 Meet the Munro
01:34 For extreme off-roaders ONLY
3:40 The legend of Hugh
5:13 Initial thoughts?
7:17 Brutally simple design
8:57 Silly specs
10:45 Regenerative off-roading!!
12:17 Still a prototype!
13:03 Utilitarian interior
15:10 Back seat Jack Test
16:05 A very steep cliff
16:36 Concluding thoughts

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