The FIAT 500e Returns to The U.S. TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 463.

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This week, Fiat confirms the Fiat 500e prices and specs for North America, Our Next Energy makes a BMW iX go very far, and EV Sales go up for November
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00:00 – Start
00:31 – Welcome!
00:38 – Fiat officially prices Fiat 500e, releases specs, for North American Market
01:37 – Latest round of Euro NCAP results show most EVs tested get 5 stars
03:05 – High Mileage Tesla Model S approaches 2 million kilometers, while concerns about battery lifespan surface
04:07 – Volkswagen flips the switch on bidirectional charging for ID. models with 77 kWh usable battery packs
04:59 – Tesla asks customers to pay a lot more for special first-edition Cybertruck
05:50 – Consumer Reports drove EVs until their batteries died, and the results are interesting
06:51 – Ford’s November sales figures bounce back for EVs
07:40 – Both Hyundai and Kia experience positive sales growth during November
08:24 – Production Cybertruck makes some worry about repairability
09:30 – JD Power Survey shows that people want more affordable EVs – specifically eSUVs
11:48 – Toyota’s new Urban SUV concept chases after Volvo EX30 in Europe
12:12 – Honda confirms a new EV reveal at CES 2024
12:29 – Bentley welcomes two new VW EVs onto its first-responder fleet at UK factory
12:47 – Ample, Stellantis plan battery swapping test program with Fiat 500es in Spain
13:07 – Survey suggests that 2/3 of respondents (who didn’t want a cybertruck) still don’t want one.
13:24 – Toyota makes European debut of concept it promises will make it to market
13:41 – Ford confirms the Mustang Mach E will likely lose its Federal Tax Credit eligibility in January
13:58 – Tesla says some Model 3 variants will see halved tax incentives next year
14:18 – Toyota gives another European debut of a concept – the FT-3e
14:37 – Sixt says it is moving away from Teslas on its fleet due to repair, residual concerns
14:57 – GM, Autocar to work together on industrial hydrogen fuel cell trucks
15:14 – Elon Musk says affordable Tesla (aka Model 2) will be made first in Texas, then Mexico
15:30 – Nissan confirms its next LEAF won’t be a hatchback, but an SUV based on the Chill Out Concept
15:47 – Tesla faces possible class action over claims it “inflated insurance premiums”
16:05 – Mary Barra claims next-generation Bolt (EUV Only) Will Launch in 2025. We remain skeptical
16:22 – Some people claim Tesla’s recent 1/4 mile Cybertruck drag race with a Porsche 911 was actually a 1/8 mile race
16:38 – T&E claims in its latest report that EU automakers have less than 1/5 the amount of battery materials they’ll need to meet 2030 goals
16:55 – Ford unveils new V2H partnership allowing customers to heat their homes using their F150 Lightnings
17:11 – Lucid confirms more buttons in its Gravity SUV are due to customer feedback
17:27 – Pelican unveils its newest product – the Pelican Train for Cargo Bicycles
17:45 – GM opens its first GM Energy site.
18:01 – 1/2 of all of London’s Black Cabs now plug in.
18:19 – Rivian is working on a simplified, lower-cost battery pack for its vehicles
18:38 – Swedish strike against Tesla spreads to other parts of Europe
18:54 – Volkswagen stops all German production of VW ID3 and CUpra Born over sales worries
19:10 – Fisker yet again drops its EV yearly production estimates.
19:28 – FIat Panda EV to be called Pandina, will be made in different factories to Citroen eC3
19:45 – Renault said to be considering a production agreement with Polestar.
19:58 – Nio reportedly looking for battery business investors
20:14 – Volkswagen acquires 4.99% shareholding in XPeng
20:27 – NHTSA Investigates Chevy Volt
20:48 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
21:58 – Morgan unveils a new electric car concept
22:51 – ONE’s long-range BMW
23:50 – Thanks, and Goodbye!