The Genesis Coupe Is Back! (As an SUV this time) 2025 Genesis GV80 and GV80 Coupe First Look

From Alex on Autos.

Genesis brought the refreshed GV80 and new GV80 Coupe to the LA Auto Show! The big deal (for me at least) is the redesigned interior which has ditched the 3D LCD cluster and separate floating display for a single curved OLED display and new software. I haven’t had a chance to test the new software myself yet, but hopefully I will in January.

The rest of the dash has been restyled to work with the new LCD and to bring us more premium finishes and more wood. The climate controls have been simplified and there’s a new storage area and new shifter along for the ride.

The new GV80 Coupe is (logically) based on the GV80 and trades cargo room for a sleeker profile. The back seats are essentially the same but they offer power adjustment in top trims and now the front passenger seat has the same range of motion as the driver including adjustable bolsters, thigh cushion extensions and massage.

Under the hood the GV80 gets the same engines we’ve seen for a while. The base model gets a 2.5L 300HP turbo engine and there’s an optional 375 HP 3.5L twin-tubo V6. Opt for the GV80 Coupe and you gan get a bit more power thanks to the addition of an e-Supercharger that bumps things up to 409 HP. The GV800 in that trim will also get a sportier sterring wheel to match.
With the refreshed parts the GV80 continued to target vehicles like the GLE 350, X5 rather than the Lexus RX. That’s clear in the level of attention to detail, parts quality and the RWD nature of the SUVs vs the more "mainstream" feel we get in the current Lexus lineup.

What do you think? Should the coupe SUV thing end? Or is this the model to change your mind?

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