The Least Expensive Car In America With An Automatic Transmission Is The 2023 Kia Rio | Review

From Alex on Autos.

Cheap cars have been Kia’s forte for a while, (har har) but seriously, Kia has remained dedicated to inexpensive transport lately despite their move upmarket with models like the Telluride, EV6 and EV9. If you’re looking for the least expensive vehicles on sale in America, Kia occupies more places on the top 15 list, (or bottom 15 list?) than anyone else with the least expensive being the 2023 Rio. At just $16,450 the Rio isn’t the least expensive, but it is essentially the least expensive new car with an automatic transmission. It’ll also be a new car with discount financing and a long standard warranty. If you’re looking for cheap wheels, check this one out.

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