The Out of Spec Team Wraps Up 2023! A Year Of Electric Firsts, Lasts, & Plenty OMG Moments

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Hello everyone! Please join Francie, Kyle, Max, Ryan, Jordan, Coleton, and Dave as they wrap up the electric year that was 2023. They cover what the big electric vehicle headlines were from the year, funny EV stories, exciting next steps for the Out of Spec team, what they’re most looking forward to in 2024, and much much more! Sit back, relax, and see what the team thinks of the last 365 days in the EV world!

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00:00 Hello & Welcome
01:45 Out of Spec Dave Highlights
04:30 Out of Spec Dave’s Plans for 2024
08:30 Biggest 2023 EV Headlines
09:55 CCS vs Future of Public Charging
13:05 Cybertruck Launch Hype
13:55 Out of Spec Detailing / Coleton’s Clear Detailing
15:49 Shout Out To Diane
16:40 Affordable EVs in 2023, Depreciation, and Out of Spec Guide
18:30 GM Bummers of the year
21:10 Jordan’s 2023 Highlights
28:25 OoS 2024 Plans – Content, Branding, & Merch
35:55 Kyle Struggles to choose his favorite 2023 EV review
42:18 Coleton’s Weirdest Detail of 2023 (Koda)
44:30 Ryan’s Model 3 LFP
47:25 Max’s Favorite 2023 EV Lesson – L2 Charging
50:47 Ryan’s Favorite 2023 Data
53:50 OoS 2023 Testing
55:30 Jordan’s Take On Future EV Comfort
57:54 If We Had To Choose 1 EV For Life!?
1:02:00 What Are We Looking Forward To In 2024

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