The Polestar 4 Is The EV “SUV” Answer To The BMW 5-Series And Tesla Model S

From EV Buyers Guide.

Hot off the heels of the Polestar 3 comes the 2025 Polestar 4. Despite being more 5-Series/Model S sized, Polestar is calling this a performance "coupe" SUV. Call it what you want, but either way this is the most style forward and performance oriented Polestar yet. The dual motor model will sport 544 horsepower with more to come in future performance variants while the single motor model will be around 270 HP and RWD. Range should be around 300 EPA miles thanks to a fairly hefty 102 kWh battery pack while pricing will be more Model Y than Model S. The only bummer? At the moment it won’t be built in the USA, but who knows, that might change by 2025.

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