This Cute Electric Camper Is An Off-Roading Beast!

From Fully Charged Show.

The Adventure 1 from Potential Motors is an incredibly cute, albeit strangely proportioned electric RV that will, quite literally, take you off the beaten track for an electric adventure. As well as this EV, Potential are developing all sorts of sophisticated software to ensure that electric vehicles can confidently travel far and wide in a range of industries from mining, leisure vehicles, motorbikes and normal cars. As such, as well as being jam packed with a load of home comforts including a fancy fold out kitchen, the Adventure 1 is also laden with some extreme AI predictive off-road advanced driving assistance systems. Unsure quite what that entails?! Watch the full episode to find out!

00:00 Intro
01:19 Exterior
03:07 Potential Motors… who/what/where?
03:33 What is this vehicle for?
05:06 External features
06:36 AI Terrain Prediction
08:18 Driving experience?
09:00 AI assisted driving
9:34 Off road efficiency
10:24 How much?
11:05 Interior
13:09 Cabin space
14:18 The importance of a vehicle like this

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