THIS is Why the Grid is Ready for Electric Cars!

From Fully Charged Show.

Can the National Grid really cope with electric vehicles?! That’s the question we get asked A LOT on the Fully Charged Show and so we thought it was time to ask the experts. In this episode Helen takes us over, under and into the inner workings of the incredible infrastructure powering our homes and readying the grid for mainstream adoption of electric vehicles. From renewable energy see-saw cables, hidden underground tunnels and secret control rooms, Helen shows us the remarkable journey the electrons travel before they end up powering our kettles, phones, laptops, cars and the myriad of other things we plug in every day!

00:00 Can the Grid cope with an electrified world?
00:37 The National Grid Control Room
02:14 Future proofing the grid
03:14 Going underground..
04:09 35 metres under London
05:53 Exchanging Renewable Energy
07:30 Superhighways for clean energy
08:53 This is what runs the country!
09:34 Big thick cable and energy see-saw
10:57 So, can it cope?!

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