THIS Is Why The Wave of Chinese EVs Is Unstoppable!

From Fully Charged Show.

EV sales are going wild in Australia – in 2023 sales doubled and they continue to climb! But the most popular electric vehicle brands include very few of the legacy marques. In fact, just behind Tesla Model Y and Model 3, the Chinese owned electric vehicle brands are gaining significant ground with brands like BYD and MG taking the market by storm. In this episode we ask why and explore how Chinese EVs have captured so much attention and new registrations, why the Australian car market often gets overlooked by global car makers, what else is coming and could Australia ever see the day where it takes up EV manufacturing? ! @fullychargedshow @EverythingElectricShow

00:00 EVs are going gangbusters in Australia
01:10 Top 10 EVs in Australia
01:55 What’s going on?
02:56 Becoming an EV superpower
04:25 Why are Chinese EVs so popular?
05:21 Extreme technology…
07:21 Brand loyalty or bargain hunters?
08:00 BYD vs Tesla
08:17 Limited supply, limited fuel efficiency metrics
08:42 Are Chinese EVs accelerating Australia’s EV transition?
10:01 What’s coming next?
11:48 What slows brands’ entry into Australia?
13:01 Cracked the code
13:25 Manufacture EVs Down Under?
14:35 Global supply chain?!
15:47 Chinese EVs are here to stay
16:03 The more the merrier?

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