This Tiny Electric Car NEVER Needs Charging!!

From Fully Charged Show.

Jack heads to Breda to drive a prototype of the latest innovative solar-powered electric car to come out of the Netherlands: The Squad Solar. The brainchild of two former Lightyear employees, is this tiny, cheap and allegedly ‘uncrashable’ electric solar car the future of urban transportation? Or is it just a posh golf buggy?

00:00 The best car that never was
1:24 World’s cheapest solar car
2:44 A micro-ish car
3:51 Exterior design
5:02 Crash testing
5:33 Convenience and swappable batts
8:00 Very prototype-y
8:38 Microcars just make sense!
9:38 Visibility & efficiency
11:38 Interior review
14:20 Price & ride-sharing
16:23 The verdict

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