Transport Evolved News Episode 431 – BYD’s Affordable Models, F150 Lightning to Norway, MG Cyberster

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Welcome to today’s show!

This week, we learn about a whole bunch of new electric cars that debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show, how the Ford F150 Lightning is heading to Norway, and why MG had nailed the concept of an all-electric roadster.

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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Chapter Marks:

00:00 – Start
00:29 – Welcome!
00:34 – Editorial
00:51 – BYD says the DOLPHIN and SEAL EVs are coming to Europe this year!
01:46 – BMW launches i7 M70 XDrive in Shanghai
02:49 – Polestar 4 Unveiled
03:51 – Tesla publishes Q1 Quarterlies
04:45 – Ford F150 Lighting comes to Europe with Norwegian launch
05:46 – Volkswagen debuts the i7 in China
06:45 – Pew Research finds broad support for tighter environmental controls among US citizens
07:39 – Tesla promises it will achieve full autonomy for its vehicles this year – but we’re doubtful
08:37 – Capital Magazine alleges Sono Motors fundraising may have been illegal.
09:33 – Biden Administration announces more public/private investments in EVs, Electrification
11:27 – New Jersey EV incentive program runs out of money, temporary halts
11:48 – GoGoRo’s battery swap stations become virtual power plants
12:05 – Rove plans to build EV charging station ‘forecourts’ like Gridserve, but in Southern California
12:23 – Hyundai, It’s Electric work on new charging station pilot project in NYC
12:41 – XPeng unveils new platform and the first car built on it – the G5
12:58 – Australian government announces its first EV strategy
13:16 – Queensland doubles its EV incentives
13:34 – Fox News, other outlets look to blame EVs for parking garage collapses
13:55 – Tesla. hires new lead attorney in its pursuit of ‘hardcore’ legal teams
14:13 – Volkswagen is the only non-US automaker to have an EV be fully eligible for US Federal tax credit
14:33 – Nissan lowers the cost of its LEAF lease deals to remain competitive
14:54 – Toyota’s first Chinese-market EV to feature BYD batteries makes 5,000 reservations on day 1
15:11 – Mercedes-Maybach unveils a car for the 0.1%
15:33 – Rivian confirms that its charging network will open to all Evs
15:50 – Amsterdam considering cutting the top speed of e-bikes to help minimize accidents
16:09 – As part of its rebrand, Jaguar Land Rover becomes JLR, with plans to spin off Range Rover, Defender and Discovery name plates to become distinct brands
16:28 – Polestar confirms US Polestar 3 production will begin alongside Volvo EX90 next year
16:45 – Nissan unveils Arizon EV concept in Shanghai
17:05 – Demand for Volvo group electric trucks soars by more than 250% in Q1
17:24 – Tesla says it will hold a Cybertruck delivery event in the third quarter of this year
17:41 – CATL unveils a new battery technology that offers a claimed 500 Wh/Kg energy density
18:00 – Maserati launches its first electric SUV in Shanghai
18:20 – Tesla changes its pricing, reducing Model 3/Y, increasing S/X
18:39 – Lordstown Endurance production restarts as Lordstown gets delisted from NASDAQ
18:57 – BMW project begins to explore automotive circular economy
19:15 – Shell’s latest paper on environmental impact shows it was wrong (and still is)
19:36 – EVs outpace Petrol cars in mid-size market segment in Australia for the first time ever
19:53 – BYD launches ultra-affordable Seagull EV
20:12 – Nio launches the EL6 at the SHanghai Auto Show
20:29 – StoreDot, VinFast, announce partnership on bringing XFC cells to future Vinfast cars
22:34 – MG out-cyberpunks Tesla with Cyberster Roadster
23:34 – Kia EV6 becomes giant lego model
24:34 – Thanks, and Goodbye!