Transport Evolved News (TEN) Episode 471: Elon’s Not Happy With Delaware

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On today’s show: Elon Musk wants Tesla to incorporate in Texas and leave Delaware behind after Tesla lost a court case there, researchers in Oxford share a breakthrough in solar tech, and a car you might not have heard of is a range champ.

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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00:00 – Start
00:32 – Welcome!
00:39 – Editorial
01:04 – Elon Musk says he wants Tesla’s state of incorporation to move from Delaware to Texas, following ruling against Tesla in Delaware
02:37 – Ford says it’s about to start sending out complementary NACS adapters to MME, F150 Lightning Owners
03:33 – Polestar 4 goes on sale in Europe, Australia
04:25 – After promising it was all-in on EVs years ago, GM backtracks and promises plug-in hybrids
05:33 – Toyota confirms its Diesel engines cheated in certification tests
06:21 – CCS Type 2 to CHAdeMO adapters are now available!
07:26 – Truck OEMS Join Forces in USA to make supergroup for electric truck charging
08:18 – Republican Lawmakers continue to be unhappy at Ford’s ties with CATL over battery manufacturing
09:25 – Volvo Delays deliveries of its EX30 in Europe to fix a software issue
10:28 – Oxford PV claim a new record for Peskovite Silicon dual-layer solar panels
12:42 – Porsche Macan Ev rumored to be using CATL cells
13:06 – Daimler Trucks delivers its first Freightliner eCascadia to a Mexican customer
13:25 – StoreDot begins production of prismatic XFC cells for EVs
13:46 – Omoda 5 enters the UK, European markets
14:11 – Porsche’s CFO suggests that the EU is looking to push back its ICE car ban
14:27 – Renault cancels plans for Ampere IPO
14:46 – Tesla stands by Elon Musk’s Anti-Union Tweets, Goes To Third Circuit Court
15:06 – MINI teases new video of Aceman undergoing final tests… in vertical video format
15:24 – Lucid making a police variant of its Air Sedan
15:43 – Tesla looks to use CATL equipment to build a US LFP battery production line, but is clear it won’t use CATL staff
16:01 – Hyundai looks to broaden its existing partnership with BAIC to establish a Chinese-market Ev brand
16:21 – BYD showcases its Yuan UP for China, suggests other markets may get it, too
16:39 – Rolls Royce recalls its PEctre EV
16:55 – US EV market share is expected to rise above 8% this month
17:13 – Geely prepares to ease the burden on Volvo by buying its shares in Polestar
17:32 – Tesla’s 2023 California market share exceeded 21%
17:50 – Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares says that quick acceleration in EVs is a safety feature
18:14 – U.S. Congress acts to support a bipartisan bill calling for Federal safety standards for e-Bike batteries
18:33 – Stellantis shares images of the Jeep Wagoneer S EV interior
18:52 – A new survey shows that EV car buyers are more happy with the buying process than ICE car buyers
19:10 – Volkswagen finally activates plug and charge for 2023 and newer ID.4s in the U.S.
19:28 – National Car Charging, Kempower, secure massive deal for California DC Fast Charging
19:46 – Nissan wants to reduce the costs of LFP batteries by building them itself
20:06 – Ford announce plu-gin hybrid version of tis Transit Connect
20:25 – Volkswagen holds off on its plan to IPO its battery firm PowerCo
20:45 – Kia delays EV4 until next year
21:04 – Tesla Chair of the Board looks to sell $50 million in shares
21:22 – Tesla’s largest investor describes Tesla as a Family Business masquerading as a traded company
21:46 – BYD inks initial paperwork to build a new factory in Hungary
22:06 – Arrival looks to be in financial difficulties
22:26 – New BMW i5 variant, plug-in hybrid, coming soon
22:45 – Tesla taken to court by 20+ California counties over alleged pollution
23:04 – Cruise cost GM $3.4 Billion last year
23:27 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
24:40 – Volkswagen ID.3 Might Get Canceled
25:44 – Hi-Phi Z wins latest Norwegian Automobile Federation winter range test
26:46 – Thanks, and Goodbye!