Transport Evolved News TEN Episode 484: Aptera’s IRA, Fisker’s Bleak Future, Cybertrucks Seized.

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On today’s show – Aptera announces a new retirement product, Fisker’s future looks very bleak, and Two Cybertrucks are seized as they seemingly head to Russia.

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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00:00 – Start
00:31 – Welcome!
01:02 – Fisker Austria files for insolvency in self-administration
02:05 – Ford Europe seems to suggest it might not become an all-electric brand there… yet
03:03 – Tesla allegedly under DoJ investigation surrounding Autopilot, Autopilot FSD claims
04:05 – The rate of growth of gasoline demand is slowed by EVs
05:08 – Tesla showcases latest Optimus Robot prototype
06:05 – Aptera announces self-directed IRA with the firm
07:24 – Carvana’s Q1 sales report shows that EVs are becoming more affordable, selling more strongly
08:26 – Order Books open in the U.S. for Elii Zero, priced from $11,990
09:21 – Tesla continues its layoffs, Elon Musk sends out a weird email, and GM snaps up interns
10:19 – Florida company places order for 20 eVTOL Lilium Jets
11:21 – Sponsored Segment:: EnergySage
12:28 – Watt EV opens up its largest MCS station to date – complete with solar!
12:48 – NIO, GAC sign new battery swapping, charging partnership
13:06 – Warehouse facility owned by Alpitronic suffers major fire while closed for renovation
13:24 – Vermont Legislature passes 100% renewable energy mandate from 2035, but state governor unlikely to sign it
13:43 – Tesla Giga Berlin closes for four days due to planned protests
13:59 – Uk children’s Hospital bans EVs from parking inside its car parks, cites
14:22 – Lucid Publishes its quarterlies
14:39 – Rivian publishes its quarterlies
14:57 – Nikola publishes its quarterlies
15:15 – Kia teases EV3 ahead of reveal later this month
15:30 – Kia teases EV6 refresh ahead of reveal later this month
15:47 – U.S. Federal Government tweaks EV tax incentive eligibility
16:05 – U.S. Federal Government announces $100 million in subsidies for small and medium suppliers of the auto industry in grants for EV supply chains
16:21 – Rivian confirms it aims to produce 155,000 R2 SUVs per year following plant expansion
16:40 – Nio Subsidiary Firefly wants to bring sub-€30,000 EV to Europe
16:57 – Geely Galaxy E5 revealed for Chinese-market
17:15 – Amazon expands its electric fleet with nearly 50 class-8 big rigs
17:35 – As Tesla swaps out entry-level Long-Range Model Y, it confirms some customs may get a range unlock of standard range variants
17:51 – Enteligentopens pre-orders for the world’s first DC to DC solar fast charging station
18:12 – Daimler Trucks unveils autonomous eCascadia with Level 4 SAE hardware
18:27 – NHTSA asks Tesla to share all of its data on Autopilot, FSD, etc.
18:46 – Republican lawmakers lie again about EVs, try to end Federal tax incentive off those lies
19:13 – UK sets a new quarterly record for EV charging installations
19:29 – Tesla begins delivering Tesla semi to new customers
19:48 – BYD’s home city of Shenzhen, China, has more EV charging stations that gas pumps
20:07 – Freewire’s future looks uncertain as it poses possibility it might close in one month
20:28 – Porsche Taycan Turbo GT becomes Formula E’s new safety car
20:44 – 2024 Chevrolet Equinox gets its official EPA ratings
21:02 – 2024 Fiat 500e gets its EPA ratings
21:18 – Lectron recalls its CCS Type 1 to NACS adapter
21:35 – Toyota announces plan to heavily invest in EVs, AI
21:54 – Stellantis plans massive ramp in H2 Vehicles, including H2 RAM pickup
22:11 – Study from Michigan shows that politicians view EV charging as low priority, costly
22:33 – Polestar 2 now available in the U.S. for less than $300 per month
22:47 – Fatal crash involving VinFast VF8 may have also been the same car involved in complaint about steering
23:11 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
24:21 – Ryvid unveils new motorcycle – the Outset
25:21 – Tesla Cybertrucks heading to Russia seized in Lithuania
26:14 – Thanks, and Goodbye!